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Merkes was an Egyptian scholar who lived during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Merkes was an Egyptian scholar who, along with fellow scholars Kition and Heraclides, spent many years solving the pharaoh Sneferu's pyramid mystery, using Manetho's research to do so. After years of not yielding any results, both Kition and Heraclides backed out of the search, leading Merkes to investigate alone. Eventually, his search brought him to the Saqqara Nome, where he enlisted the help of a bandit leader, Bellosh, who claimed he knew the desert better than anyone else. With the bandits help, Merkes was able to retrieve two artifacts from the Bent Pyramid and Meidum Pyramid, replicas of the pyramids themselves, which he believed to be important in solving Sneferu's mystery.[1]

In 48 BCE, as they began their search for the third artifact in the Shining Pyramid, the bandits eventually betrayed the scholar, stealing the Medium pyramid replica and intended to kill Merkes for the other. However, Merkes was later saved by the Medjay, Bayek, who helped him to eliminate the bandits. Merkes explained to Bayek his intentions of solving Sneferu's mystery, enlisting his aid to do so. He tasked Bayek to retireve the Meidum artifact in the bandits' hideout as well as finding the Shining Pyramid Artifact in Sneferu's final pyramid.[1]

Bayek eventually does so, bringing the artifacts back to him. Believing that the Shining Pyramid's pyramidion may solve the mystery, Merkes gave him the Bent Pyramid replica, asking him to climb up the pyramid and investigate. Bayek does so, and discovered the pyramidion leads to a ruined temple east of the pyramid. Bayek and Merkes travelled to the ruins, discovering a hidden opening to a vault beneath. As they entered the vault, they came upon the sight of Sneferu's mystery, revealed to be a vault of a pyramidion model and various Old Kingdom scrolls.[1]



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