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Menehet was a priest of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu, Egypt who served as the second in command to the temple's High Priest through 48 BCE. The father of Soris, Hasina, Nailah, and Keba, he was also a friend of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa who his children treated as a loving uncle.


Life as a priest

Menehet had been serving as a priest of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu for some time prior to 48 BCE. With his wife, he fathered four children: Soris, Hasina, Nailah, and Keba within a decade before that year, and the family led peaceful and secure lives even in spite of Egypt's political turmoil. Though the Medjay Bayek lived in the remote village of Siwa many kilometers away to the far west, Menehet was his close friend, to the point that Menehet's children adored Bayek as though he was their own uncle, often engaging in games with him during his visits.[1]

At some point prior to 53 BCE, [citation needed] Menehet was promoted as the second-in-command to the High Priest of Yamu. In the meantime, the town experienced an economic boom due to the yearly Festival of Sekhmet it hosted, as well as a host of other ceremonies that attracted Alexandrians and other urban citizens from afar. Menehet was active in his duties during this period of prosperity for the temple.[1]

Visit by an old friend

Menehet reunited with Bayek

In 48 BCE, Bayek stopped by the Temple of Sekhmet to pay Menehet a visit while en route to Alexandria to reunite with his wife, Aya. Aware that the temple's renovations were new to the Medjay, Menehet gave his friend a tour of the complex, and Bayek was impressed by the opulence of the temple. When they reached the temple's reflecting pool, Menehet's children pounced upon Bayek from behind, a playful greeting that transitioned into a game of hide-and-seek. Busy with his work, Menehet was not party to this, but whether he knew it or not, his children found themselves in dangerous spots over the course of the game, with Keba trapped in a well and Soris even narrowly escaping a ravenous hyena.[1]

While the children and Bayek were concluding their game, Menehet was confronted by a visitor to Yamu infuriated by the presence of fraudulent cat mummies in the market. Although the priest asserted that responsibility for the matter laid solely with the merchant in question, this reasoning failed to appease the visitor who stormed away no less irate than before. Because Bayek had caught wind of the rant, Menehet was prompt to describe the issue to him whereupon the Medjay took it upon himself to investigate the incident on Menehet's behalf.[2]

Festival of Sekhmet

Menehet parting ways with Bayek

Once the bandits behind the fake mummies had been dealt with, Menehet again enlisted the help of Bayek—this time to locate Pamu, an Egyptian fighter who had been scheduled to portray the Champion of Sekhmet against the champion of Isfet during the fight in the Festival of Sekhmet that night. When Bayek returned with an intoxicated Pamu, he offered to fight as Sekhmet's champion in Pamu's place to save his friend from disgrace, a favor which Menehet was very grateful for, directing him to speak to the High Priest for permission.[3]

After the festival, Menehet thanked Bayek for his spectacular performance in winning the fight against Isfet, allowing him to keep the Sekhmet costume and the staff as tokens of respect. Recognizing that it was time for the Medjay to resume his journey to Alexandria, he then bid farewell to him, agreeing that Bayek should also do the same to the children before he left.[3]



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