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"Memphis is the site of the Old Egyptian Capital, from where pharaohs are crowned."

Memphis was the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. For millennia afterwards, it remained one of the greatest economic centers of the country until the Ptolemaic dynasty when it diminished in the face of Alexandria. Alongside Giza, it was located on the west bank of the river Nile and was home to many famous tombs and landmarks, including the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx.[1]


Memphis was one of the largest cities of Egypt and was located in Lower Egypt. It was a central location for religious temples including the city's most important god, Ptah, the god of creation.[2] The city was also referred to as "the city with the hundred doors" or "the white walls" in reference to the wall that surrounded the city. Under the protection of Ptah, the city was a thriving religious and economic hub.[3]


During the Third Dynasty, under Pharaoh Djoser, Memphis was the first religious and administrative capital of Egypt. Although the political capital decentralized, subsequent pharaohs were still crowned in the sacred city to legitimize their ascension to the throne, up to and including Alexander the Great.[4]

In 48 BCE, the Medjay, Bayek of Siwa, traveled to the city in search of the Lizard, a member of the Order of the Ancients. There, he met with Pasherenptah, the High Priest of Ptah, who had been struggling to deal with the 'curses' that plagued the city and his wife, believed to have been caused by The Lizard. After discovering the twin priestesses, Tawe and Taous, had poisoned the Apis Bull thus making the population believed that the divinity was against the arrival of Cleopatra in the city, Bayek drew closer to the identity of The Lizard. Narrowing the search down to a priest in Pasherenptah's inner circle, and who wore a blue scarf and had a bad cough.[5] Cleopatra then arrived to rally the people to her name and rightful throne, Bayek made preparations to assassinate The Lizard. With the city's 'curses' lifted, Bayek met with Pasherenptah to discuss The Lizard's possible identity. When Bayek revealed the information he gained from the twins, Pasherenptah was shocked as the priest, Hetepi, was one of his closest advisors. Making his way to the Temple of Ptah, Bayek assassinated Hetepi, and restored Memphis to order.[6]

Later, Bayek helped the Seer by delivering amulets to protect an adventurer, a philanderer and a beggar. After this, the Seer proceeded to a ritual to deliver Bayek from his dream. Bayek recovered in the Nile a statue of the god Khnum, who must replace Bayek in his fight with Apep. After hours of meditation, the Seer disappeared without Bayek noticed.[5]

Bayek was tasked by the baker Teta to rescue the taster Sasobek. The man revealed to Bayek that someone wanted to poison Taimhotep with their cakes. The Medjay destroyed the stock saving the High Priest's wife.[7] Bayek later helped Taimhotep in her ritual to assure that her child will be a boy. Bayek found a talismant and escorted Taimhotep and her maid to the Pyramid of Djoser.[8]

By 43 BCE, after the formation of the Hidden Ones, a bureau was established in the city. During the initiation ceremony of Tahira, one of the first Hidden One recruits, Tahira pledged her allegiance to the cause and amputated her ring finger. Tahira and Bayek went into the night and rescued a group of enslaved children.[9]



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