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Memories of Versailles was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno accompanied his father, Charles Dorian, on a business trip to Versailles. While waiting in a corridor, he was distracted by a young girl.


Charles and Arno walked through the Palace of Versailles. Arno became momentarily distracted by a servant.

  • Charles: Arno!

Arno sat down on a chair.

  • Arno: Can't I go with you, Father?
  • Charles: Courage, my boy.

Charles showed Arno a pocket watch.

  • Charles: You wait just here. I will return when this hand reaches the top.
  • Arno: That's forever.
  • Charles: Not as long as all that. And when I get back, we'll see the fireworks. And Arno? No "exploring", hmm?
  • Arno: Yes, Father.

Arno saw a girl running away.

  • Élise: You'd rather sit with that old prune? Come on!
    Too slow...
    Aren't you coming?
    This way!

Arno followed the girl, bumping into a waiter.

  • Waiter: My suckling pig! Gardes! Arrêtes-les! (Guards! Stop them!)
  • Citizen 1: Where'd they come from?
  • Citizen 2: Isn't that the de la Serre girl?
  • Élise: Quickly, quickly!

Élise pointed out a bowl of apples.

  • Élise: Bet you can't steal one!
  • Guard: Thief! Put that back! These are for his royal highness, not the likes of you!
    Aw, hell... What happened?
    Damn it. What the hell's going on.
    Do you know what the penalty is for stealing?
    Put that away now!
    Got you now!

If Arno was caught, he would be forced to explain himself and return the apple.

  • Guard: What have we here, a thief?
  • Arno: N-no sir. Sorry.

Arno returned to the girl.

  • Élise: Hurry, through here!
Memories of Versailles 6

Élise introducing herself to Arno

  • Élise: Did you see their faces when we stole those apples?

The two laughed.

  • Arno: I'm Arno.
  • Élise: Élise.
  • Arno: I'm here with my father.
  • Élise: So am I. He has "important business with the king".
  • Arno: What should we do now?

A commotion was heard.

  • Élise: Shhh. Listen. Don't worry, they'll never think to look for us in here.

Arno confronted the guards.

  • Arno: It was my fault, I'm the one who took the apple.

The guards ran by, ignoring them.

  • Élise: Let's see where they're going!
  • Citizen 3: Monsieur (Mister) Franklin, I sincerely hope this unfortunate affair does not darken your opinion of our nation.
  • Franklin: Monsieur (Sir), if we judged nations by the character of their criminals, we should all be called barbarians.
  • François: Élise!

Arno looked at the pocket watch.

  • Arno: Father?
  • François: Come here, girl! Now!
  • Arno: Father!

Arno found his father's body, surrounded by a crowd.

Memories of Versailles 7

Arno discovering his father's body

  • Citizen 4: Come away, boy!
  • François: Arno. Arno. Look at me.

Arno slowly looked at Élise and her father, after which there was a thirteen year time skip.

  • Victor: Can't win fairly at cards, so you stoop to thieving, you bastard!
  • Arno: Calm down, Victor! I've only come for my watch.
  • Victor: It's my watch! I won it fairly!
  • Arno: Well, in a just world, Victor, I would agree with you. But this is not a just world. This is France.
  • Victor: You're a dead man!
  • Arno: Step lightly there! You'll hurt yourself.

Victor pushed over a table.

  • Victor: Rragh!

Arno jumped through the window, but Victor tripped him on the way.

  • Arno: Oof!

Arno dropped his watch, which was picked up by Victor's brother, Hugo.

  • Arno: Just had a nice chat with your brother...
  • Victor: Hugo... fetch the marshalls.
  • Arno: Hold on a minute! Diable. (Hell).

Hugo ran off, and Arno chased him.

  • Hugo: I've got it, Victor!
    I won't let him get it!

Arno bumped into a citizen.

  • Citizen 5: I say!
  • Arno: Sorry!
  • Hugo: Shove off!

Arno slid over a table.

  • Citizen 6: How dare you?!
  • Arno: Pardon, madame.
  • Hugo: Get out of my way!
    Move it!
  • Arno: Gentlemen, please! We can come to an understanding!
  • Victor: You're dead!
  • Hugo: Rragh!
  • Citizen 7: What's the meaning of this?
  • Hugo: Shut it!
  • Arno: Please excuse him, he's not housebroken.

Arno eventually tackled Hugo.

  • Arno: Thickheaded blacksmith like you probably can't even read a watch...
  • Victor: Come over here and say that!
  • Arno: Ah... no.
  • Victor: Get back here!
    (Stop him! Thief!)
    I'm going to smash your skull into paste!
  • Arno: Ah. Yes.
    Keeping up? Shall I call a break?
    A wise man knows when to admit defeat, Victor!

Arno escaped and returned to the de la Serre estate.

Memories of Versailles 12

Victor accusing Arno of thievery

  • Olivier: And where in God's name have you been?
  • Victor: Hah! Got you now, you little shit!
  • Arno: Just a little misunderstanding, nothing to-
  • Victor: Your master is harboring a common criminal! In broad daylight he broke into my home and stole my watch!
  • Olivier: Did he indeed? Well, I'm sure the Marshalcy would be more than willing to sort this out.

François de la Serre approached the group.

  • François: Sort what out, Olivier?
  • Olivier: Er, a most serious accusation against your ward, sir.
  • Victor: He robbed me!
  • François: Of what, precisely? Wait for me in my library.

Arno made his way to the library. While there, he spoke to a painting of Élise.

  • Arno: Don't give me that look. Victor cheats when he plays Pharaoh, everyone knows it.
  • François: Arno? Who are you talking to?
  • Arno: No one, monsieur. (sir).
  • François: You'll be happy to learn I persuaded Olivier to leave off calling the Marshalcy. Again.
  • Arno: Je vous remercie, monsieur. (Thank you, sir).
Memories of Versailles 14

François scolding Arno

  • François: What is this, the sixth time? Seventh? Perhaps a new hobby might be better for your health.
  • Arno: Well, I find playing cards affords many opportunities for fresh air and exercise.
  • François: We'll talk about this later. I have business in town, and must collect Élise before I can attend to it.
  • Arno: Élise is here?
  • François: Only for the night. She returns to Paris first thing tomorrow.
  • Arno: She'll need an escort, won't she? With you so preoccupied?
  • François: One of you running amok is quite enough. Remain here and see if Olivier has any chores for you.
  • Arno: I'm sure he does.
  • François: What was that?
  • Arno: Give my regards to Élise.


Charles Dorian was assassinated, leaving his son an orphan under the care of François de la Serre, Grand Master of the French Templars.


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