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Memento Mori was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Upon returning from Ferrara, Ezio Auditore journeyed to the Vaticano District in Rome, to search for the da Vinci painting possessed by an old lover of Lucrezia Borgia, Patrizio.

On his arrival, Ezio witnessed a brief meeting between Patrizio and a Hermeticist, so he quietly tailed the men to discover the location of the painting he sought.


Ezio arrived at the Vaticano District in time to witness a meeting between Patrizio and one of the robed disciples.

  • Patrizio: You are here for the painting?
  • Marco: Yes, Patrizio.

Both men left the area, heading towards the painting's location, so Ezio followed closely behind.

  • Patrizio: That puttana (whore) sent it to me as a present. I want it out of my house.
  • Marco: We will be glad to add it to our collection. As agreed, the Master waits at your palazzo to take it off your hands.
  • Patrizio: She thought I would be pleased with such a gift? After she married another man?
Memento Mori 1

Patrizio speaking with a Hermeticist

  • Marco: The ways of men and women are strange, but Hermes teaches us that through careful study, both may be brought to harmony.
  • Patrizio: Doubtless, one such as Lucrezia has never crossed your path.

The men met an obstacle in their way, and had to alter their path to Patrizio's palazzo.

  • Patrizio: What is it? What's going on?
  • Marco: Damned peasants!
  • Patrizio: Come with me.

The men arrived at Patrizio's palazzo and met with the Hermeticist leader, Ercole Massimo.

  • Ercole: You will complete the sale?
  • Patrizio: Of course. That woman used false passion to seduce me. The error lies in her Spanish blood, I know it.
  • Ercole: Such untruths you so carefully utter, based on little more than a name. These countries, these groups, make such easy targets for the lazy and ignorant.
  • Patrizio: You should tell her that, the high and mighty Duchessa (Duchess). Puttana! (Whore!) I have changed my mind. That painting does not deserve to belong to anyone.

Patrizio took the painting from its easel and slammed it to the ground. In response, Ercole's disciple plunged a dagger through Patrizio's back, killing him almost instantly.

  • Ercole: Take the painting and examine it for clues. Be careful. Human hands aided by a fierce intelligence made that. Treat it with respect. Go!

The disciple left with the painting, and Ezio pursued after him, before the Assassin caught up and killed the Hermeticist.


Ezio retrieved da Vinci's Portrait of a Musician.


  • "Memento mori" is a Latin phrase for "remember that you will die" or, less literally, "Remember that you are mortal".



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