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The island of Melos

Melos, alternatively Milos, is a volcanic Greek archipelago located in the Aegean Sea, that was home to a fortified city during the Hellenistic period. Together with Hydrea, Melos formed the Greek region called the Obsidian Islands.


Founded by Spartan settlers, Melos was quickly discovered to house rich sources of sulfur and obsidian, which were then exported throughout the Mediterranean.[1]

The obsidian was also used locally by farmers and warriors for thousands of years before the introduction of bronze rendered the obsidian mines obsolete. The island was also a major stop-off point between the mainland and the island of Krete.[2]

During the 5th century BCE, the Melian merchant Drakios was approached by the Cult of Kosmos. They called in favors he owed, and had him create the Battle of One Hundred Hands. As it was marketed, the tournament promised drachmae and glory to the Champion as if they had slain the Hekatonchires of the myths,[3] whereas in truth the tournament was a trap for the sibling of the Cult's own champion, Deimos. The tournament lasted for years, with unnumbered deaths, until it was shut down by the Spartan misthios Kassandra during the Peloponnesian War.[4]

Around the same time, Sokos, a member of the Gods of the Aegean Sea branch of the Cult of Kosmos based himself around Melos and dubbed himself as the "Protector of the Obsidian Islands" aboard his trireme Eos. Kassandra ultimately sank the Eos, along with Sokos.[5]


Due to the volcanic activity in the area, Melos was divided into three regions, each an island in itself:




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