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Melitta (died 47 BCE) was a Greek priestess from Balagrae who served as an associate of Flavius Metellus in the 1st century BCE.

She made the acquaintance of Leander, one of Cyrene's magistrates, and hosted him then and again.[1]

At some point, Melitta begun to serve Flavius Metellus in full, posing as a healer and a priestess, but in reality kidnapping civilians and taking them to a natural cave that had been fashioned into a shrine of Hekate. There she tortured them, until the Medjay Bayek of Siwa learned of her acts and put an end to them.[1]


  • Melitta is a variant of the Greek name Μελισσα (Melissa), meaning 'honey bee'. It was ultimately derived from the Greek word μέλι (méli), meaning 'honey'. [2]
  • The dialogue suggests that Melitta used the relic Flavius had seized in Siwa to torture the people, but this is not spelled out.



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