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Meidum North East

Meidum Pyramid

The Meidum Pyramid (Ancient Name: Sneferu Endures) is an ancient Egyptian pyramid located in the Saqqara Nome.

Commissioned by the pharaoh Sneferu during his reign in the Fourth Dynasty, the pyramid later partially collapsed due to constant alterations and was abandoned by the pharaoh, who went on to refine the design of his pyramids through building the Bent and Red Pyramids in the north.[1]


The pyramid appears as a striking three tiered tower like edifice rising from a large sand dune. Around the pyramid are scattered timbers and sections of scaffolding which are presumably the remains of the pyramids long abandoned construction apparatus. At the top of the pyramid is a section of wooden scaffolding that juts out from the masonry which serves as the location of a viewpoint. The pyramid has its own satellite pyramid off of its south west corner although it is considerably more dilapidated than the Meidum Pyramid itself.[1]


Sometime between 48 BCE and 43 BCE, the Medjay, Bayek, saw a meteorite crashed infront of the pyramid, leading him to investigate. The impact of the crash created an opening to a tomb under the pyramid, which Bayek was able to decipher the puzzle of the tomb, unlocking the door and gaining access to an inner chamber. Inside, he discovered an unknown individual, whom he freed when he touched upon the wall of light. The individual would later leave behind a sword and a shield, which Bayek claimed as his own. [2]



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