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The banner of Megaris

Megaris, also called the Megarid, was a small state in ancient Greece. Situated on the Isthmus of Poseidon, a narrow corridor providing the only land route between the Peloponnese and Attika, it was a strategic point during the Peloponnesian War.[1] The capital city of the city-state was Megara.

Accordingly, it was heavily contested between the Athenians and the Spartans. In the opening stages of the conflict, it was occupied by the former resulting in an invasion by the latter. Its economy in this era relied primarily on pottery and pig farming.[1]


Owing to its strategic region, Megaris was occupied by Athens since the 7th century BCE. In an attempt to gain a closer position to Athens, the Spartans sought to conquer the region during the Peloponnesian War.[2] In 431 BCE, the Spartan army led by Nikolaos and his step-son Stentor invaded the region, landing near the port of Pagai. The Athenians attempted to blockade the port and surround the Spartans on both sides. Nevertheless, their efforts were thwart by the arrival of the misthios Kassandra, who destroyed the blockade and aided Nikolaos' men in defeating the forces on land.[3]

Kassandra was subsequently tasked by Stentor to aid the Spartans in sabotaging the Athenian war efforts.[4][5] She helped a Spartan hoplite recover a stolen map detailing vital mission plans, the man who stole the plans was hired to do so by a mercenary named Hyrkanos the Cunning.[6] Kassandra later met with Dolios, who revealed that rations had been stolen and tasked the misthios with hunting down those responsible. However, Kassandra found that the thieves were just hungry Megarian residents who had been told to steal by Hyrkanos.[7] Upon learning of this mercenary and gaining the necessary intel on him, Kassandra hunted him down and eliminated him.[8] Once these tasks were done, Kassandra weakened the Athenian forces further by eliminating the leader stationed in Megara.[9]

As a much needed distraction, Kassandra found Odessa's home and reconnected with her. Together they uncovered a plot by the leader of Megaris to eliminate Odessa, after Odessa had refused suitors set on taking on her farm.[10] After dealing with the Megarian leader, Odessa joined Kassandra's crew.[11]

Sometime that same year, a group of misthoi were tasked by Athens to poison a Spartan camp's water well.[12] After accomplishing this they made their way into Megara to rescue an Athenian general and his men who had been captured by Spartan forces.[13]

During her travels in the polis, Kassandra also met a blind Persian prince who revealed himself to be Artaxerxes I, the rightful ruler of Persia, now a blind beggar. Artaxerxes tasked Kassandra with seeing the sight of Greece he could not and finding the writings of Themistokles – an Athenian ostracized general he had befriend many years ago. After seeing the sights, Kassandra returned, and after protecting Artaxerxes from an attempted assassination collected her reward.[14]


The state of Megaris was made up of four regions:


  • The emblem of Megaris was a stylized, crowned head of a boar on a shield, referencing the state's dependence on the pig industry.




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