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ACOD - Megakles


Megakles was a soldier who had assumed the position of general in the village on Alponos in Lokris, Greece during the 5th century BCE.


During the Peloponnesian War, the man met a misthios going by the alias "Eagle Bearer", hearing news of the Eagle Bearer's great deeds, he requested their help in preparing the village for a pirate invasion. However all the "Eagle Bearer" did was bring chaos. Some time later, he met Kassandra - the real Eagle Bearer, whom he asked in helping clean up the imposter's mess, promising what was left in the treasury as payment. Megakles also had Kassandra deal with the pirate ships, however the ships she destroyed were actually Megakles' reinforcements in disguise.[1]

Infuriated, Megakles then instructed Kassandra to help the villagers prepare for battle. However everyone she helped all met a grizzly fate, which only soured Megakles' mood.[2] When the pirate invasion started, Megakles and Kassandra worked together to protect the village. After all the pirates had been killed, Megakles retracted his original opinion of Kassandra and paid her what he promised.[3]




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