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Meeting with Mirabeau was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having discovered that François-Thomas Germain was behind the murder of François de la Serre, Arno met with Élise at Mirabeau's estate.


  • Arno: Élise? (Mister) Mirabeau?
    Élise? Élise? What is this!

Arno found Élise standing next to the corpse of Mirabeau.

  • Élise: I found him like this. I didn't...
  • Arno: Of course not! But I have to report this to the Council immediately. They'll know what to do.
  • Élise: No! They don't trust me as it is. I'll be their suspect, first and last.
  • Arno: You're right. Of course, you're right.
  • Élise: What are we going to do?
  • Arno: We find out what happened.

Arno spoke to Élise.

  • Arno: You saw no one else when you arrived?
  • Élise: Just the butler. He let me in, but he never came upstairs.
  • Arno: But he was here before you. Did you see any other servants?
  • Élise: No. No one else.

Arno inspected the corpse of Mirabeau lying on his bed. He then found a Templar pin underneath a pillow.

  • Élise: What is that?
  • Arno: It's... the weapon that killed your father.
  • Élise: That's a Templar badge of office.
  • Arno: What's it doing here?
  • Élise: Painting a picture.

Arno opened a cupboard, causing a wine glass to fall out. He then smelt it.

  • Arno: Poison.
  • Élise: Let me see that.

Élise inspected the wine glass.

  • Élise: Aconite. Hard to detect, unless you know what you're looking for.
  • Arno: Popular with Templars, is it?
  • Élise: With anyone who wants to get away with murder. But yes.

Arno examined the door.

  • Arno: Doesn't look like it was forced.
  • Élise: So the killer was expected?
  • Arno: A guest, perhaps. Or a servant.

Arno found a handkerchief.

  • Arno: A handkerchief.

Arno sniffed it.

  • Arno: Lady's handkerchief.
  • Élise. So we can count half the noblewomen of Paris as suspects, then.
  • Arno: Maybe one of the staff will recognize it.

Arno found the butler.

  • Butler: Yes, sir?
  • Arno: Have you been here all day?
  • Butler: No, sir. I arrived at four to see to this week's delivery of wine.
  • Arno: Anyone else arrive since then?
  • Butler: Only the young lady with the red hair, sir. She went straightaway to the master's study.
  • Arno: And you haven't been upstairs?
  • Butler: The weekly wine delivery is quite extensive, sir.
  • Arno: I see. Thank you for your time.

Arno spoke to the butler again.

  • Butler: Sir.
  • Arno: Do you recognize this handkerchief?
  • Butler: Hm? Oh, yes sir. It belongs to Émilie.
  • Arno: Émilie?
  • Butler: The maid. I'm given to understand she saved up her wages for a month to purchase it. It made her feel like a lady, she told me.
  • Arno: And where is Émilie now?
  • Butler: At the market, sir.
  • Arno: Thank you.
  • Butler: Of course, sir.
  • Arno: Stay close, I might have more questions for you.
  • Butler: Of course, sir.

Arno found Émilie at the market.

  • Arno: Did anyone visit your master today?
  • Émilie: I believe so. Monsieur Quemar had an appointment, at least. I think he arrived while I was collecting the laundry at Madame Duvall's.
  • Arno: (Thank you.) You have been most helpful.

Arno then had the option to accuse Émilie.

  • Arno: Why did you kill (Mister) Mirabeau?
  • Émilie: What?
  • Arno: You poisoned his wine. I want to know why.
  • Émilie: If this is a game of some sort, (Mister), I do not find it amusing! I would never harm him! And anyways, I don't even have a key to the wine cellar. Only Messire and the butler do.
  • Arno: Apologies. I was out of line.

Arno had the option to accuse the butler.

  • Butler: Yes sir?
  • Arno: Your master is dead.
  • Butler: What?
  • Arno: Poisoned. But I suspect you already knew that.
  • Butler: Poisoned? How dare you! I've served the Mirabeau family for two generations! The Count personally requested I come and work for him in Paris! And you have the gall - the gall! - to accuse me of killing him? For what reason, might I ask? Dissatisfaction at being paid twice the going wage? Envy for the greatest statesman of our time? Perhaps I burned for revenge on the man who paid for my daughter's medicine when she took ill with distemper?
  • Arno: Perhaps I misjudged you. Forgive me.

Arno had the option to accuse Élise.

  • Arno: Templar poison, Templar pin... it look damning.
  • Élise: Bravo, you've figured it out. My cunning plan was to murder the only Assassin who doesn't want to see me dead, then stand about waiting to be discovered.
  • Arno: Not the only Assassin.
  • Élise: You're right. I'm sorry. But you know this wasn't my doing.
  • Arno: I believe you. The Brotherhood, though....
  • Élise: Then let's find the real killer before they get wind of this.

Finally, Arno found Mirabeau's appointment book in his bedroom.

  • Arno: Looks like he was expecting a visitor.
  • Élise: Who?
  • Arno: Master Quemar.

Arno found Quemar at the Assassin Hideout.

  • Quemar: Ah, Monsieur Dorian. What can I do for you?
  • Arno: Mirabeau is dead.
  • Quemar: Dead?
  • Arno: Murdered.
  • Quemar: I knew this truce would come to a bad end. I'll have to summon the rest of the Council to deal with this.
  • Arno: Élise had nothing to do with it! I'll stake my life on that fact. Please, give me a little more time. I'll find the killer.
  • Quemar: Very well. You have until tomorrow morning. No later.
  • Arno: Mirabeau was poisoned with aconite.
  • Quemar: Poison. Do I need to point out that that particular strain is a favorite of the Templars?
  • Arno: You do not. Where might one acquire aconite in such strong concentrations?
  • Quemar: Any doctor could prescribe it in diluted form. I myself take a tincture of aconite for my heart. It's strictly regulated of course, but I do know of an apothecary in le Marais who's willing to overlook such petty legal matters.
  • Arno: Thank you.

Arno spoke to Quemar.

  • Quemar: Well?
  • Arno: You had access to Mirabeau. You've disagreed with him publicly on many occasions. And you plainly know how to kill a man.
  • Quemar: I also have gout so severe I cannot climb the stairs some days, and my eyes grow dimmer with every passing week. To say nothing of the dozen or more brother Assassins who can vouch for the fact that I've been here since dawn.
  • Arno: Forgive me, I didn't mean to imply...
  • Quemar: No, you meant to accuse, and you did it rather poorly. Now kindly stop wasting the time you've been given and find the true killer.
  • Arno: (Yes, sir.)

Arno found the apothecary's shop, and was joined by Élise.

  • Élise: Thought you might need some help.
  • Arno: I think I can handle a lone druggist.

They entered the shop.

  • Arno: (Good evening). I wonder if you might answer-
  • Apothecary: Shit! Not again!

The apothecary fled trough a hatch in the floor.

  • Élise: Well played.
  • Arno: Wait! Damn you, come back here!

Arno chased after the apothecary.

  • Arno: Slow down! Wait!
  • Apothecary: Let me be!
  • Arno: I just have a few questions!

Arno apprehended the apothecary.

  • Apothecary: Please! I never told anyone! I did just as you said!
  • Arno: What are you talking about?
  • Apothecary: You... you are with the other one, aren't you? The hooded man.
  • Arno: Tell me about this "other one." Who is he?
  • Apothecary: I don't know! I never saw his face. He threatened to kill me if I didn't give him the poison - I didn't ask questions. I keep only a small quantity in stock. He took that straight away, but he told me where to drop off the second dose.
  • Arno: Second dose?

The apothecary handed Arno a note.

  • Apothecary: Here. That's all I know, I swear it.

Arno released the apothecary from his grip.

  • Arno: Go on then. Think of this as a wonderful story to frighten your grandchildren with.

The apothecary ran off after Élise joined them.

  • Élise: Well?
  • Arno: You were right. He gave our mysterious killer the poison - and he said the killer wore a hood like mine.
  • Élise: Well. There are shades of grey in every good story.
  • Arno: If we've been betrayed from within....
  • Élise: That would explain why the killer tried to frame me.

Arno gave Élise the note.

  • Arno: Here. This is where the apothecary delivered his wares.
  • Élise: What are we waiting for?


While planning to inform Mirabeau of Germain's true identity, Arno and Élise found him murdered. After an investigation, they deduced that the killer was likely an Assassin.


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