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Meet the Smugglers was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


After having been told of the false Mackandal and mastered the use of the blowpipe, Aveline returned to her Mentor for her next instructions.


Aveline returned to Agaté.

  • Agaté: The false Mackandal gathers followers. They attempt to overtake smuggling operations on the bayou – to finance what, I cannot say. There is a smuggler – a woman named Élise Lafleur... She knows every bog and tangle of the swamp. Perhaps she could be persuaded to help?
  • Aveline: I'm sure I can motivate her.
  • Agaté: Good. When you get to Mackandal, use your darts to approach, but remember you will need to complete your mission using more direct means.

Aveline then made her way to the smugglers' hideout, where she overheard a conversation between some thugs and the smugglers.

  • Man 1: We offer two choices.
  • Man 2: You give up the river...
  • Man 1: Or we take the river.
  • Man 2: Or you suffer... before you die.
  • Man 1: Three choices, then.
  • Élise: You dare threaten me? You bracket-faced parasites have no more claim here than the dung beetles.
  • Roussillon: You'd best heed the "lady". We have you outnumbered.
  • Man: Look around, old man. Your hired hands will flee at the first sign of trouble.
  • Roussillon: Aye, but the lady's temper alone could take on an army, and the swamp is no friend of yours.

While the two groups argued, Aveline killed some of the thugs stationed around the hideout without being noticed. She then killed the remaining men, who had engaged in a fight with Élise and Roussillon.

Meet the Smugglers 4

Aveline speaking with Roussillon and Élise

  • Élise: Who the hell are you?
  • Aveline: A fine display of gratitude. I'm no enemy, if that's what you fear.
  • Élise: I fear nothing.
  • Aveline: My name is Aveline. I seek the leader of these men. He calls himself François Mackandal.
  • Roussillon: You seek him? To what end?
  • Aveline: A final one.
  • Roussillon: Ah! Then you're my kind of woman! Name's Roussillon. My, er, partner in crime is Élise – though I've heard her called otherwise...
  • Aveline: Will you help me find their base? No one knows these waters as you do. In return, I'll restore your control of this territory.
  • Élise: I've built– "we've" invested years of work in this camp. Why would we need your help?
  • Roussillon: Four reasons right there!
  • Aveline: Would you not prefer to move your wares freely?
  • Élise: If you think there's only one base, you really do need me. Those louts are spread out thin as swamp gas.
  • Roussillon: It's settled then. Élise will help you find the blighters.


After saving them from the false Mackandal's men, Aveline introduced herself to Élise and Roussillon, who agreed to help her in eliminating the cult's leader, so they could continue their smuggling operations unhindered.