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Medusa was the most famous incarnation of the Writhing Dread, and by extension, the gorgons, a type of hybrid beast created by the Isu as part of the Olympos Project. Medusa was originally a human but taken over by an Atlantis artifact known as the Prize of the Medusa, to act as a guardian for it in order to seal the Gates of Atlantis.[1]



In Greek mythology, she was described as having had hair composed of live venomous snakes, wings and a gaze so deadly that all who faced it turned into stone. She was slain by the hero Perseus with a Sword of Eden,[2] a harpe according to legend, given to him by Hermes. Hermes also helped Perseus by giving him winged sandals, and the goddess Athena gave Perseus a bronze shield polished mirror-bright.[3]

After Perseus cut off her head, the winged foal Pegasos sprung from Medusa's neck.[3]

Influence and legacy

In Korinthia, the story of Medusa inspired someone to carve a monumental statue of her grimacing head, known as the Cyclopean Head of Medusa, though later its creation was attributed to the Cyclopes.[4]

It was also said that after Perseus had brought Medusa's head to Argos, the head was found in a mound of earth near Argos' agora.[4]

During the Peloponnesian War the misthios Kassandra was asked by the Spartan noblewoman Damia to tell the story of Perseus to her children Danae and Kristos and their friends.[3]

In 47 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa acquired a rare heavy weapon named after Medusa, owing to her ferocity.[5]





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