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ACR Mediterranean Sea

Ezio Auditore sailing across the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea, also known as the Mesogeios Sea,Mesogeios Thalassa[1] to Greeks, Great Green (Sea) to ancient Egyptians [2], Mare Internum or Mare Nostrum to the ancient Romans [3], is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean to the west, bordered by Europe to the north, the Middle East to the east, and Africa to the south.

The Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding coastlines comprise the Mediterranean region, with numerous port cities like Naples, Constantinople and Alexandria.


In 48 BCE, Aya, an agent to pharaoh Cleopatra, was dispatched to the sea with the mercenary Phoxidas to offer an alliance to the Roman generall Pompey, who had fled Rome during the civil war against Julius Caesar. Aya and Phoxidas assisted Pompey near the Aegean Coast against ships sent by Cleoptra's brother, Ptolemy XIII. Afterwards, Pompey accept the alliance and led his fleet to Egypt.[4] Later on, Aya continued working with Phoxidas to defend the seas against the Gabiniani, who sided with Ptolemy XIII.[5]