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The mechanical winch

The mechanical winch was a mechanical tool created by Nikola Tesla for Nikolai Orelov, adapted from an industrial pulley and powered by a dry cell. It fired a wire rope which could attach to far away objects. After this, the user could tense the cable and use it to pull themselves or the attached object closer to the other.


Sometime prior to July 1918, Nikola Tesla invented the mechanical winch and gifted the apparatus to Orelov. Nikolai made use of the mechanical winch during the time of his final mission for the Assassin Brotherhood and his eventual defection following the shooting of the Romanov family.


The mechanical winch allowed Nikolai to pull himself quickly towards a ceiling as well as pull far away objects toward him in a manner similar to a grappling hook. The device could also send an electric current through the cord, allowing Nikolai to short-circuit fuse boxes or shock people standing in shallow water.


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