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"Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I's warfare experience has taught him the weaknesses of relying on foreign mercenary armies. We believe we have found a way to bribe him, to turn him against any allies he may have in Roma. Perhaps we can further divide the attention of our enemies."
―The Assassins, regarding Maximilian I.[src]

Maximilian I (1459 – 1519), born Maximilian von Habsburg, was the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1493 until his death.


Under Maximilian's rule, the Holy Roman Empire had a blossoming culture marked by science and reform, bringing great advances in Germany. Around 1503, members of the Assassin Order (disguised as condottieri) sent by Ezio Auditore da Firenze, brought Maximilian proof regarding Rodrigo Borgia's hiring of Swiss commanders to form his Papal Guard. In light of this development, Maximilian became irate, as he was defeated by the Swiss in the Swabian War of 1499. The emperor then used Swiss mercenaries, elite soldiers and several Assassins to form his own mercenary force, the Landsknechte.[1]

Intending to curb the Venetian influence in northern Italy, Maximilian joined the League of Cambrai created by Pope Julius II, that served as an anti-Venetian alliance that included Louis XII of France and Ferdinand II of Aragon. The League was initially a success, but the friction between Julius and Louis caused it to collapse by 1510. Though in 1512 the Holy League managed to drive the French from Italy, later the French regained territory in 1515 which then ended the war the following year.[2]



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