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Maxime Gorm

Maxime Gorm

Maxime Gorm (died 2017) was a former member of the Assassin Brotherhood, who joined the Templar Order after being brainwashed by Warren Vidic[1] and became Daniel Cross' war dog during the Great Purge.[2] Gorm was the son of Julia Gorm, a savage Assassin, member of Boris Pash's Bloodstone Unit active during the Vietnam War.[1]

In 2017, an amnesiac Maxime was experimented on by Thomas and Alice Adler, who used an Animus to have him explore the genetic memories of his grandfather, the British Assassin Eddie Gorm.[2]


Alongside Alice and Thomas Adler, they were trying to learn the whereabouts of an Apple of Eden, held by the Templar Gero Kramer to power a proto-Animus, Die Glocke, during World War II. However, because Eddie was put in Die Glocke when Maxime was reliving his memories, something went wrong and Maxime woke up confused, believing he was his ancestor.



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