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Mausoleum of Augustus

The Mausoleum of Augustus (Italian: Mausoleo di Augusto) is a landmark located in the northern section of the Centro District in Rome.

Built by the Roman Emperor Augustus in 31 BCE, the Mausoleum itself was a circular structure with large walls, which housed a skylight that a tree grew out of.


During the reign of Augustus, notable individuals of importance who died between 24 and 98 BCE were buried in the mausoleum. During the Middle Ages, the area became occupied by the Colonna family, who fortified and converted into part of the Castel Sant'Angelo.[1]

After the humiliating defeat of the Commune of Rome in 1167, the Colonna family was disgraced, banished from the city and their fortification was dismantled. Later, the family was allowed back into Rome, though they spent the duration of the Renaissance feuding with the rival Orsini family.[1]

In early 16th century, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze visited the Mausoleum several times during his travels, meeting with Niccolò Machiavelli and assisting a courtesan in distress there.[2]