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"Life is not a battle, for battles are there to be won or lost. Life is to be experienced."
―Matthew Hague, 1711.[src]

Matthew Hague (born c. 1693) was the son of the Templar Sir Aubrey Hague, an executive of the East India Company. He was an unsuccessful suitor to Caroline Scott. By 1711, he owned a schooner named after her, the Caroline.


As the son of Bristol's biggest landowner, Matthew enjoyed a wealthy upbringing in his youth. He tended view himself as a rather distinguished philosopher whose philosophical thoughts written down by a draughtsman. He was also accompanied by a minder named Wilson, whose physical stature provided Matthew with a high level of protection and influence. Caroline's father, Emmett Scott, betrothed his daughter to Matthew for business matters and dealings. Matthew and Wilson were most keen on Caroline and often followed her on her trips outside her family estate.

Sometime in 1711, Edward Kenway's accomplice, Albert, stole Caroline's purse instead of giving her a bouquet of flowers as Kenway bribed him for and ended up receiving a beating at the hands of Wilson and Matthew. Edward saved Albert before fighting Wilson and the newly arrived Tom Cobleigh.

Personality and characteristics

Matthew was an pretentious and egotistical individual who viewed himself and other people with an arrogant attitude. He often tried to imitate his father's shrewd air of a businessman but evidently failed.



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