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Mateo Galan was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood who was recruited when his entire village, along with his family, were razed by the Spanish Inquisition for harboring a fugitive.


Born during the Renaissance, Mateo Galan was a solemn young Assassin initiate who hailed from a small peasants' village outside Murcia. Mateo and his family were Assassins sympathizers but enjoyed a simple life before the influence of Tomás de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition, befell Spain.[1]

While Mateo was away on a trip to Murcia to sell his family's wares, a known criminal who was being tracked by the Inquisition's forces hid in his village. Upon finding the fugitive, the Inquisition soldiers set fire to the village and murdered every single soul present for harboring the notorious traitor whether they were complicit or not.[1]

When Mateo returned and found his entire village and family butchered, he could do nothing but grieve. A day later, the Assassins found him lying in the ashes, still clutching his dead mother's body. Feeling pity for the poor boy, they resolved to adopt him.[1]

The Assassins trained Mateo in the ways and ideals of the Creed, but the boy grew progressively sullen as time wore on. As he grew older, Mateo became a stoic and solemn Assassin, who refused to speak except to reaffirm his vow to serve the Creed and seek vengeance against the forces of the Inquisition.[1]



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