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Master of the Secret Things was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Since the curse, more and more have sought the counsel of the Dream Interpreter. But now he is missing and his apprentice Miane has dreamed he is in danger.


While in Thebes, Bayek came across aa woman giving a speech to a group of citizens.

  • Miane: We gaze in wonder at the abyss and let ourselves fall into slumber. Our Ka journeys, leaves the body, traverses the drowsy passages and dreaming rooms. Until finally it stumbles into the infinite light and shades of the multiverse. Feels each breath of wind, each brush of the deathless feathers. It shows us that which we cannot see. Reveals the secrets of the night's journey. And only then do we understand.
ACO CotP Master of the Secret Things 01

Bayek speaking to Miane

Bayek approached the woman.

  • Miane: How can I find meaning in their dreams when I cannot clear the mist from my own night's journey.
  • Bayek: What did the gods show you?
  • Miane: I stand on the edge of a deep well. I can hear the beating of a vulture's wings and a man cries my name. I fear that the Greeks took Besa, a well signifies imprisonment.
  • Bayek: Would the soldiers dare take the Master of the Secret things?
  • Miane: The curse... carries bad omens with it, people are desperate.
  • Bayek: If the Greeks took Besa, it would be to Luxor. I will find him.
  • Miane: Thank you, neb. May your walking times be bountiful.

Miane resumed speaking to the citizens.

  • Miane: Be calm. Tell me what you saw as you slept.
  • Woman: A dead king, feasting upon the entrails of my children! Where is Besa? I must speak with the Master of the Secret Things.
  • Miane: He will return but...
  • Woman: When? Where did he go? The Pharaohs haunt our sleep and waking hours and he leaves Thebes? Even the god Tutu hides! Will no one protect me from these night terrors?

Bayek made his way to Luxor.

  • Bayek: The soldiers defy belief, would they really take the Master of Secret things?

Arriving at Luxor, he found Besa in a cage with other citizens with Senu's help.

ACO CotP Master of the Secret Things 03

Besa held captive in a cage

  • Besa: Your demons will haunt your waking and sleeping hours. You brought the curse down upon us all.

Bayek eliminated the guards and unlocked the cage, freeing the citizens. He untied Besa.

  • Besa: Did Miane send you, seni?
  • Bayek: She dreamed you were in trouble.
  • Besa: It is worse than she knows. But come, we cannot speak here.

Bayek escorted Besa out of the temple.

ACO CotP Master of the Secret Things 04

Bayek speaking to Besa

  • Besa: I knew you would come. As I lay feverish, I dreamed of an eagle soaring high above my cage.
  • Bayek: The soldiers were bold to arrest you, neb.
  • Besa: Their dreams needle them like scorpion stings. But I am more fearful for Miane. Her brother, Tapti, he stole my scared dream scrolls.
  • Bayek: Why would he do this?
  • Besa: I know not, but last night I dreamed of him feasting on ears of corn, scavenging in the dust with wild dogs.
  • Bayek: An ill omen. Where did he take the papyrus?
  • Besa: He and Miane grew up on a farm east of Thebes. When I took her as my apprentice, he withdrew to the cellar under the house.
  • Bayek: Return to Miane, I will find her brother and your texts.

Besa took his leave.

  • Bayek: Miane's brother will have the truth of this.

Bayek travelled to Miane's farm situated outside of Thebes. He arrived at the sight of several bodies lying on the ground and broken vases.

ACO CotP Master of the Secret Things 05

Miane and Tapti's farm

  • Bayek: This does not bode well. Besa spoke of a cellar Tapti retreats to, I might still find him alive.

He investigated a farmer's body on the ground.

  • Bayek: Killed defending the farm.

He investigated another body.

  • Bayek: A bandit raid? At least the farmers fought back.

Bayek found a cellar in one of the houses and entered it. He found a body on the ground.

ACO CotP Tapti

Tapti's corpse

  • Bayek: Tapti... the gods punished him, but just for stealing the book or is there more to this?

He investigated a cabinet and found a letter in it.

  • Miane, my dearest sister
    Remember when we were children? How you would hide me behind your skirts when father returned from drinking in Thebes? When he died we slept side by side in my bed that night, you held me to your bosom and I cried tears of joy. Then Besa came and you left me behind. I took his dream scrolls, hid them beneath the table. I told the Greek Soldiers he knew secrets about the curse, hoped they would kill him. Perhaps now you will return to my side... my bed.
  • Bayek: An unhealthy obsession with his sister. But he hid Besa's scroll under the table.

Bayek investigated the floor underneath the table.

  • Bayek: There is nothing here, the bandits must have taken it.
    Tapti loved his sister too much. But the dream texts, perhaps the bandits took them to sell?

Bayek travelled south of the farm, where he found a bandit camp. He eliminated the bandits and recovered a scroll from one of the bodies.

  • Bayek: The dream scrolls. I should return to Besa and Miane.

Bayek returned to Besa and Miane in Thebes.

  • Besa: The eagle returns!
  • Bayek: With your scrolls, Besa.
  • Miane: My brother, he's dead isn't he? I bent my face to the ground, heard his voice under the endless sands. "Betrayal, betrayal". Thank you, eagle. I don't know if this was the curse or fate, but he was my only family.
  • Bayek: I am sorry, Miane. But whatever he did, he loved you deeply.
  • Besa: The curse, it comes for those whose conscience weighs heavily upon them Miane. They dream of reed boats drifting from the shore.
  • Bayek: Keep safe, Besa... Miane, these are dangerous times.
  • Besa: Your journey is not yet done. Return to me when your living feet have walked where none should.

Sometime later, Bayek spoke to Miane once more, after she had learned the full extent of her brother's actions.

  • Miane: My brother's letters... I did not know he felt so strongly.
  • Bayek: Your loss is great, Miane.


Bayek helped Miane to free her mentor Besa from Luxor, who informed him that his scrolls were stolen by Miane's brother Tapti. Finding him dead in his farm, Bayek was able to track the thieves and recovered the scrolls.




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