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Massachusetts is a state in the northeastern region of the United States, bordered by New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. It was the location of the Davenport Homestead, the base of the Colonial Assassins during much of the 18th century, as well as the cities of Salem and Boston.


Salem witch trials[]

By the early 17th century, the British monarchy gave a charter for the Puritans for them to have the right of free rule to practice their beliefs. In 1626, a small group of Puritans founded the town of Salem on the mouth of the Naumkeag river.[1]

With the civil war taking place in Britain, Massachusetts colonies were subjected to numerous changes in government. In addition to this, the Massachusetts Bay Colony underwent devastating cold winters resulting in poor crop yields. The Native Americans on British settlements along the East Coast frequently attacked.[2]

In 1692, the Templar Samuel Parris and his family arrived in Salem Village. Parris had accepted the position of Village Minister. However, under his leadership, Salem's town and village experienced extreme social and economic upheaval.[1] Tensions rose between the townsfolk and refused to support Parris and his family. It was said that his family started the Salem witch trials.[2]

On 2 June 1692, the Massachusetts governor William Phips created a Court of Oyer and Terminer comprised of seven members of the community, including the Templar William Stoughton. Here, 19 people were condemned to death, with five more in prison.[3]

American Revolutionary War[]

In 1754, Haytham Kenway came to Boston to form the Colonial Templars, a formidable group which destroyed the Colonial Assassins by 1763. Seven years later, the Templars were still active, helping instigate the Boston Massacre as part of their ongoing scheme to eventually control the colonies for themselves. They also recruited Nicholas Biddle to terrorize Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, as part of a ploy to rally support for a Continental Navy.[4]

However, Ratonhnhaké:ton had journeyed to the Davenport Homestead to receive training from Achilles Davenport, whom the Templars had spared, and became the Assassin Connor. In 1773, he aided the Sons of Liberty in staging the Boston Tea Party, depriving the Templars of certain funds, and used the Aquila to wipe out the Templar fleet that had reoccupied Fort Phoenix.[4]

John Pitcairn was ordered by his superiors in the British Army to seize Patriot weapons and supplies from the town of Concord. He planned to use this opportunity to travel through Lexington and negotiate with the Patriots Samuel Adams and John Hancock. However, Connor and Paul Revere believed Pitcairn intended to kill them and rode the night before to warn them to flee. Pitcairn arrived, and was greeted by the town militia instead of Adams and Hancock. The subsequent Battles of Lexington and Concord heralded the start of the American Revolutionary War.[4]

Over the following year, the Continental Army under Israel Putnam laid siege to the British in Boston from Charlestown. Connor came during the Battle of Bunker Hill to assassinate Pitcairn, while the Aquila was deployed during the Battle of Gloucester. Connor also contracted his recruits Stephane Chapheau, Duncan Little and Clipper Wilkinson to aid civilians suffering food shortages in the city, and to aid Henry Knox in transporting cannons to fortify Dorchester Heights, thereby lifting the Siege of Boston and securing the state's independence.[4]

The state was still subject to a few British raids during the rest of the war, including an incursion into the Davenport Homestead to capture the deserter David Walston. After stopping the regiment, Connor correctly surmised the British would not undertake another attempt on his mentor's land.[4]



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