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Mary Jane Kelly (c. 1863 – 1888) was an Irish prostitute during the Victorian era. Near the height of the Autumn of Terror, she became the final victim of the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper.


Born in Limerick, Ireland, Kelly went to work in Lady Olwyn Owers' brothels in the West End upon her arrival in London. She eventually became affiliate with a man named Barnett. However, in early September 1888, when Barnett lost his job and left her, she decided to return to the streets.[1]

On the day of her murder, a witness claimed to have seen Kelly cross Commercial Street and turn down Dorset Street with a man perfectly fitting Jack the Ripper's description. The two were said to have headed down to Miller's Court to never be seen again.[1]

The owner of Miller's Court, John McCarthy, sent Thomas Bowyer to collect past due rent money from Kelly, who in turn discovered the gruesome scene of her murder. With the authorities alerted, Inspector Frederick Abberline of the Metropolitan Police Service went to down to the crime scene to conduct an investigation.[2]

Evie Frye would later converge with Abberline at the scene. Through use of her Eagle Vision, she was able to find a message left for her by Jack on Kelly's apartment wall. After reading the contents of Jack's letter, Evie deduced that the sole purpose of the murder was to lure her in to him.[2]



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