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Martinique, as seen from the Caribbean Sea

Martinique is an island in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean and an overseas region of France. The seaside town of Saint Pierre can be found here.


In 1778, Benjamin Church, a traitor to both the Continental Army and the Templar Order, fled from the British American colonies with a number of stolen supplies from the Continental Army. With a vessel named the Welcome, Church escaped to Martinique and stored the supplies on the island.[1]

Church proceeded to lay an ambush for Haytham Kenway, Grand Master of the Colonial Templars, and his Assassin son Ratonhnhaké:ton off the island's coast in an attempt to escape their pursuit.[2]

With Ratonhnhaké:ton as its captain, the Aquila brought down the masts of Church's vessel, and both he and his father boarded it. After Church was thoroughly beaten by Haytham and interrogated by Ratonhnhaké:ton, he gave the location of the stolen supplies before passing away. Following this, the Aquila's crew retrieved the supplies from Martinique and brought them back to the British colonies.[2]