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Martha's Vineyard is a small island off the coast of Massachusetts that is part of the Elizabeth Islands.


In 1773, the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, better known as Connor, sailed to Martha's Vineyard with first mate Robert Faulkner. The two left from the Davenport Homestead with Connor captaining their ship, the Aquila, which had recently been rebuilt.[1]

Once the ship reached the Vineyard pier, the two entered an inn run by Amanda Bailey. While Faulkner recruited David and Richard Clutterbuck, Connor noticed the Templars Nicholas Biddle and Benjamin Church sitting nearby and aggressively asked where Charles Lee was. However, he was ignored as Biddle pushed him aside and began taunting Faulkner upon finding him with the boy. Before tensions could escalate, Bailey had the men leave to prevent a fight in her inn. As they sailed home, the Aquila was attacked by British frigates, but managed to fend them off.[1]

Later, the Aquila returned to Martha's Vineyard after reports of British gunboats threatening the area. Connor discovered naval mines and Templars occupying Fort Phoenix: after destroying them and ensuring the safety of the merchant ships in the area, the Aquila returned home.[2]

Next year of 12 January, Church reported the native boy who appeared in the Vineyard to the Grand Master Haytham Kenway.[3]

A few years later in 17 March 1778, Connor deduced Biddle had organized the raids to convince the Continental Congress to expand their navy.[4]