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This article is about the god in Roman mythology. For other uses, see Mars.
"Armored son of the great Jupiter, Mars. Virile god of the wildlands. The Strider, great father (to) the sons of Romulus. Protect and defend us Wolf of Cyrene and grant us your great wisdom."
―a statue inscription on Mars in Cyrene.[src]
ACO Mars Statue

Statue of Mars in the Roman Akropolis

Mars was the god of war, destruction, and masculinity in Roman mythology. The equivalent of the Greek god Ares, he was also regarded as the son of Jupiter, and wolves were sacred to him. He was also regarded as the father of Remus and Romulus, the legendary founders of Rome.


By the 1st century BCE, a statue of Mars was erected in a temple situated atop an acropolis in Cyrene, Cyrenaica.[1]

In the 15th century, a statue of Mars was recovered by the Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Monteriggioni. He found it on a wall of the western-most building closest to the Villa Auditore. Along with the statue of Venus, the statuette of Mars worked as a key opening a storage containing 2000 florins.[2]

Behind the scenes

The statuette of Mars in Monteriggioni is based on a statue of Ares found in Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli, Italy.

The statue of Mars seen widely in Assassin's Creed: Origins seems to be based on the real-life statue discovered in the Forum of Nerva, which in turn used a Hellenistic model of the 4th century BCE.




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