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Marooned was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus Omega in 2013.


Stranded on Isla Providencia, Edward was forced to deal with Charles Vane and his insane antics.


Edward was fishing for food as Charles Vane snuck up on him.

  • Vane: Keep still now! I'll take these oysters you've hoarded.
  • Edward: You mad sap. This island's crawling with food if only you'd care to look for it.
  • Vane: I am looking, lout. I found some just here. Don't! Don't come following now! You hear me! Don't come looking for me!
  • Edward: Wretched fool.

Edward followed Vane through the jungle as he sang "Down Among the Dead Men".

  • Vane: Here's a health to the king and a lasting peace / To faction an end, to wealth increase. / Come, let us drink it while we have breath. / For there's no drinking after death. / And he that will this health deny, Down among the dead men, / Down among the dead men, / Down, down, down, down, / Down among the dead men let him lie. Go dance with the fisherman and their dories, Kenway! This island's mine! Come at me and I'll cap you, bastard! It were your bloody imagination that landed us here, Kenway! I'll be damned if I let that mind make one more decision for me!
  • Edward: Will you not talk to me, Vane? Are you fixed on this madness?
  • Vane: Madness? Nothing mad about a man fighting to survive, is there!
  • Edward: I mean you no harm, you corker! Now let's work this out like gentlemen!
  • Vane: Ah. God I've got a bleeding headache on account of your jabbering. Now stay back and let me live in peace!
  • Edward: I would if you stopped filching the food I gather and the water I find!
  • Vane: I'll stop nothing 'til you've paid me back in blood. You was the reason we were out looking for slavers. And you was the reason Jack Rackham took my crew!
  • Edward: VANE! Face me, man!
  • Vane: Ah! I said not to follow!

Vane attacked Edward using some weaponry he found amongst the ruins.

Marooned 3

Edward trying to reason with Vane

  • Edward: Jaysus! You've lost your head, man!
  • Vane: It's a fair exchange for finding these flintlocks and grenadoes!
  • Edward: Listen Vane! We could hunt with those guns!
  • Vane: And I mean to! You and your bloody fairy stories got us into this mess, Kenway. And I'll be damned if I let you drag me into another!
  • Edward: You keep this up, and I'll have to kill ya, Vane!
  • Vane: Bloody try! By all means!
    I see you coming, curl! I see you plain and clear!
    It's either you or me who's leaving this island alive, Welcher! 'Cause I'm not gonna sail again in a world cursed by your ugly mug!
    Not dead yet? Here!
    I'll blow you to hell!
    I'll flush you out!
    You can't hide, Kenway!
    Not escaping me!
    Blow off some limbs!
    Bloody rags will be all that's left of you, Kenway!

Edward managed to sneak up on Vane and jump him from above.

  • Edward: You god damn fucking knave, Vane!
  • Vane: N-nancy boy. Y-you only done half of the fucking job!
  • Edward: Fucking hell. Is this my reward for believing the best about men? For thinking that a bilge rat like you could muster up some fucking sense, once in a while! Maybe Hornigold was right. Maybe the world does need men of ambition to stop the likes of you from mucking it all up.
  • Vane: Or maybe you just don't have the stones to live with no regrets.
  • Edward: Don't save me a spot in hell, shanker. I ain't coming soon.

He turned away and left Vane alone.


Edward dealt with Vane, and managed to leave the island on a ship that had arrived.



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