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Maroon Hideout 2

The Maroon hideout

The Maroon hideout was the headquarters of the Maroon rebellion movement during the 18th century in Saint-Domingue, located south of the city of Port-au-Prince.

The hideout was located in a large cavern, with two entrances providing access from both the Caribbean Sea and the island itself. Divided into two levels, it contained the training and living areas on the upper one, along with a small store, while a small port and cargo storage was located below. The training and living area were also connected by a bridge going over the channel heading out to sea.

In 1735, the hideout came under attack by slavers, acting under orders from Pierre de Fayet, the Governor of Port-au-Prince, to wipe out the Maroons and their leader, Augustin Dieufort. The attempt was thwarted by Assassin Adéwalé, who agreed to help the Maroons, until he had the means to leave Saint-Domingue, having been stranded on the island after his ship, the Victoire, was lost during a storm.

As Augustin and Adéwalé continued to liberate slaves from sugar plantations and slave ships, the hideout became a training ground for those that joined the Maroon cause.




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