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This article is about a Cypriot. You may be looking for the Greek man.

Markos was a member of the Cypriot Resistance, whose aims lay against the Templar Order. He aided the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad while he was dealing with Templars located in Kyrenia.


Markos was a foot soldier for the resistance, and he first met the Mentor of the Levantine Assassins, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, around September 1191, after he had saved his hostage, Maria Thorpe, from pirates. Markos kept Maria safe for Altaïr, as he had to find and meet with the resistance leader, Barnabas.

Markos took Maria with him and his men as they patrolled Kyrenia's ports, until they were attacked by pirates. Fortunately, Altaïr returned and rescued them, and then had Markos bring Maria to the resistance safehouse. Once there, they learned about the man who had put a bounty on his and Maria's heads, Moloch, to which Altaïr left to kill the brute in Kantara Castle.

While Altaïr was gone, the safehouse was attacked and Maria was taken by Moloch's men, to which a scared Markos informed Altaïr when he returned. Markos also mentioned a "Dark Oracle" to the Assassin, who was leaking secrets to the Templars about the resistance, and Altaïr quickly left for Buffavento Castle to silence her.

Finally, Markos worked with Altaïr as he learned about his last targets in Kyrenia, the Templar twins Shalim and Shahar, whom he killed in Saint Hilarion Castle. When Altaïr returned from the castle, Markos shared the good news to him, stating that the ports were finally emptying of Templar ships, though they seemed to be returning to Limassol, which meant that so should Altaïr.

In 1193, Altaïr married Maria in Limassol – in order to express his gratitude to the people of Cyprus, who offered the island to be used as an Assassin base – and Markos was a guest of honor at the ceremony.

Personality and characterstics[]

Altaïr: "What's your business with this woman? Are you a Templar lackey?"
Markos: "No sir, the Pirates attacked her and I had to help. But I'm no lackey. I can't stand these Templars!"
—Altaïr and Markos, discussing Maria.

Markos was a kind and thoughtful man, and when he witnessed Maria being attacked by pirates, he and his men came to her aid and rescued her. He was also very patriotic, and immediately agreed to help Altaïr when he learned that the Assassin was an enemy of the Crusaders inhabiting Cyprus.

He was extremely knowledgeable of the city, and was able to use shortcuts to transport Maria to the resistance safehouse, even when there was a price on her head.