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Markos' Vineyard

Markos' Vineyard was a vineyard located on the southern face of Mount Ainos on Kephallonia. It belonged to the merchant Markos, a friend of the misthios Kassandra.


In 431 BCE, Markos bought the yard using money he borrowed from the Cyclops of Kephallonia. Seeing the business venture as a get-rich-quick scheme that would easily recuperate the initial investment, Markos intended to repay the loan after a few sales.[1]

However, his poor business acumen and lack of knowledge on winemaking proved detrimental. Defaulting on his loan installments early on, he soon earned the wrath of the Cyclops and his enforcers, who threatened seizure of property if he did not pay in a timely manner. After learning about the vineyard from Phoibe, Kassandra travelled to the farm to talk to Markos. There, Kassandra was tasked to help him collect a debt from Duris, a merchant in Sami.[2]





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