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Mariguana Island

Mariguana Island is an island that is part of the Bahamas, located in the Gibara region of the West Indies. Its landmass was largely dominated by an extensive rock formation, featuring little else of note, besides some scaffolding that had been set up in the north of the island.


In April 1718, Edward Thatch and his protegé Stede Bonnet became embroiled in a battle on the island's shores, after naval combat had left their vessel, the Queen Anne's Revenge severely damaged. Outnumbered, they were saved by the appearance of fellow pirate Edward Kenway, whose help allowed them to beat back their attackers and pursue a Man O' War carrying medicines.[1]

Some time during his stay in the West Indies, Edward also visited the island to eliminate the leader of a group of poachers, as part of an assassination contract.[1]



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