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Marianne Returns Home was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno encountered a young woman named Marianne and agreed to train her.


  • Marianne: You're wondering perhaps what I'm doing?
  • Arno: I am a little curious.
  • Marianne: My parents were denounced by our neighbor. And though they had done nothing wrong, they were executed. The neighbor then took our home. I've grieved the loss of my family long enough. I want to take back my home! Teach me how to fight!

Arno followed Marianne outside.

  • Arno: All right, Marianne. Come at me and I'll parry your attacks.

Arno and Marianne began practicing.

  • Marianne: This training is tough. Show me again!
    That's better. I've got to get this right.
  • Arno: Strike through the target.
    Well done.

Arno and Marianne finished their training.

  • Marianne: That's good enough. It is time to get my parents' house back!

They then headed towards Marianne's former home.

  • Marianne: They denounced my family. My parents were executed the very next day.
    They took my family home. I must take it back.
    My great-grandfather built that house with his own hands.
    Come on!
    I can't wait to skewer 'em.
    Let's go!
    That's my house there!

Arno and Marianne arrived at the house, but were attacked by extremists. After defeating them, they went inside and were assailed by more men on each floor, eventually defeating them as well.

  • Marianne: This was my father's lathe. Grandfather fashioned it for him.
    My grandmother's recipe for cassoulet! I used to help her make it.
    Ah! Mother's silver thimbles! These were a gift when she came of age.
    (Thank you, sir.) I will treasure the memories I've recovered.


Arno helped Marianne reclaim her family home.


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