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Maria was the daughter of Quincent and Ellen during the American Revolution. Following her family's move from New York, she resided within the Davenport Homestead.[1]


Early life

Maria's early years were spent in New York with her parents. Her mother Ellen was both a seamstress and tailor, who owned a small business located near their home.[1]

However, Maria's father was abusive, and would often beat his wife, and possibly Maria as well. The two women lived in fear of him, though they had little choice but to remain. At one point during the Revolution, Quincent cornered Ellen against her workshop, insulting and beating her. Maria witnessed this and frantically rushed out into the streets, calling for help, though to no avail.[1]

Connor, who happened to be visiting New York at the time, rushed to her side, and Maria led him to her parents. Connor gave Quincent a harsh beating and chased him off. Ellen thanked him, and Connor, realizing their dire situation, offered both her and Maria a chance to stay at the Homestead in which he himself resided, where they could continue to conduct their tailoring services.[1]

Ellen was hesitant, but she ultimately agreed, and she and Maria left New York.[1]

Life on the Homestead

Upon arriving on the Homestead, Maria lived a quiet and peaceful life, exploring the grounds and conducting chores to assist her mother. Upon Father Timothy's arrival on the Homestead, Ellen voiced her wish for Maria to begin reading the Bible, though it is unclear whether or not she did.[2]

At one point, while chatting with Connor and a few other Homestead residents, Ellen revealed that Maria was something of a troublemaker. Being both an adventurer and a free-minded girl, Maria was once discovered by Norris in his mine with a large gash in her knee, which later required treatment from Dr. Lyle White.[3]

Though both Maria and Ellen lived safely on the Homestead for some time, Quincent eventually sought them both out. He assaulted their home with a band of thugs, though Maria and her mother were able to barricade themselves inside. The men attempted to break in, however, Connor and several other villagers heard the commotion and rushed to intercept the attack. Connor threatened Quincent and sent him away, allowing both Maria and Ellen to finally be free of him, and continue to live on the Homestead in peace.[4]


  • There is a glitch that occurs while examining Maria on the Homestead. She will walk towards her home, but will appear to be caught on a stone embankment, unable to move.



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