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"Sometimes love is a prison. His father taught me that. This, the orphanage, this is my true calling."
―Madame Margot to Arno, 1794.[src]

Madame Margot was a resident of Saint-Denis, France during the late 18th century. She ran a local orphanage, taking care of abandoned children like Léon.


Much of Margot's life prior to her arrival in Saint-Denis remains shrouded in mystery. She, at some point, became involved with a man, with whom she had a son. However, Margot felt trapped in the relationship, leading her to leave them behind and move to Saint-Denis.

For several years, she kept to herself, living alone in a large and eccentric red house in the center of town. Then, one day, Margot began taking in abandoned children, turning her home into an informal orphanage. One of the infants she took under her wing was Léon, who would grow up to be a known troublemaker and thief that regularly escaped, though he would always return.

On 4 August 1794, Margot met Arno Dorian, an ex-Assassin who was looking for Léon. She pointed him in the direction of the town's windmill and asked him to bring the young boy back home. When Léon returned later that day, she went to thank Arno, but found him experiencing a personal crisis. Margot subsequently shared some of her own history with him and, sensing Arno's renewed resolve, then let him know where to find Léon.

The next day, Arno and Léon gathered at Margot's orphanage, having collected three paten plates in an attempt to locate an artifact buried beneath Saint-Denis. However, they were unable to figure out how to use them until Margot entered the room with a candle, her light source causing the patens to glow. Using the candle, they discovered a map of the caverns beneath the town, following which Arno headed off to recover the artifact.

Personality and characteristics

Margot was a kind-hearted altruistic individual that readily cared for children abandoned by their guardians. When necessary, she would be stern with them, like when she admonished Léon for swearing. However, there was also a wistful quality to her; she seemed to regret leaving her son to some extent and would reportedly stare out of the windows during a storm, as if waiting for someone to walk in out of the rain.