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"General Marcourt. Butchered people all over France in the name of liberty. Templars love this guy."
Bishop, 2014.[src]

Marcourt (unknown – 1793) was a French general and a member of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order, active during the French Revolution. He was assassinated by Arno Dorian and a group of Assassins in 1793.


Marcourt and several high-ranking members of both the French Army and the Templar Order began plotting a coup d'état in order to hasten the Revolution for the Templars. To this end, Marcourt began hosting a tournament to recruit skilled men into the French Army, in order to gain more manpower for the coup.

Unbeknownst to Marcourt, one of his fellow conspirators, Thomas-Alexandre Dumas was an ally of the Assassins. Dumas requested the Assassins to take part in the tournament in order to get close to Marcourt and assassinate him and his fellow conspirators. Stealing entry passes to the tournament, Arno and his fellow Assassins participated in the tournament and managed to win it. Marcourt's response at the tournaments conclusion would vary.

If the Assassins did not kill any soldiers while stealing the entry passes to the tournament, Marcourt would remain oblivious to the Assassins' movements. He would lower his guard while congratulating the Assassins, allowing Arno and the others to quickly dispatch Marcourt and his conspirators.

If the Assassins had to kill soldiers while stealing the entry passes, Marcourt became suspicious. He realized that the Assassins had come for him, and retreated into his headquarters in anticipation for the inevitable confrontation. The Assassins overpowered the guards and confronted Marcourt and his fellow conspirators. The general lamented that the Assassins had so much potential, but were wasted in fighting against the Templars. Though Marcourt's skill in swordsmanship allowed him to hold his own, he was eventually overpowered and killed along with his conspirators.