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Marcellus was a Roman Hidden One Magister who lived in the province of Britannia during the 4th century.


Around 383 CE, when Magnus Maximus launched his successful bid for imperial power by marching the Roman army into Gaul, he took with him most of his troops, marking the end of the Roman formal presence in the north and west of Britannia. This move marked a turn in the effectiveness of the Hidden Ones' operations in those regions, as the local populations grew hostile toward the Order, prompting Marcellus to cease all operations and to order the evacuation from the bureaus of Eboracum and Venta Belgarum.[1]

Marcellus wrote to his brethren who were stationed at Eboracum and Venta Belgarum, ordering them to relocate to the remaining bureaus of Londinium an Camulodonum.[1]


Five centuries later, the evacuation orders written by Marcellus were recovered by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan as she explored both the ruins of the Venta Belgarum bureau in Wincestre and the Temple of Ceres bureau near Glowecestre.[1]