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"No other beaches rival those of Marathon."
ACOD Marathon Beach

The beach with the wreckages from the Battle of Marathon

Marathon Beach is a beach which constitutes the northeast region of Attika, Greece. The area was known for the Battle of Marathon fought during the First Persian invasion between Athens and the Achaemenid Empire in 490 BCE.



As told by Barnabas, the captain of the Adrestia, Marathon Beach was the place where the legendary hero Theseus slew the Kretan Bull.[1]

5th century BCE

In 490 BCE, the beach became the site of the Battle of Marathon fought between Athens and the Achaemenid Empire, with Athens victorious. In the aftermath of the battle, many memorials and burial mounds dedicated to the battle were erected, including the Athenian Tumulus at its heart and the victory column nearby. In addition to these, near the beach was also the Statue of Artemis Tauropolos.[2]

While sailing to Andros from Malis, the Adrestia passed by the beach, with Herodotos recounting the historical significance of the beach to Barnabas and the misthios Kassandra.[1]


  • The town itself does not appear in Odyssey.



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