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Mapping the Bayou was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Following her elimination of the Mackandal imposter, Aveline met with Roussillon and was alerted to the remaining followers still spread throughout the Louisiana Bayou.


Aveline met with Rousillon.

  • Roussillon: Aveline, ma belle (my lovely)! Listen, I have a job for you. Are you interested?
  • Aveline: Tell me what it is first. Élise already warned me about your "jobs".
  • Roussillon: It's that Mackandal imposter, Baptiste. You ended his terror, but his men did not get the message. They are camped out all over the swamp. They threaten the people of San Danje, and make smuggling a little...
  • Aveline: Dangerous?
  • Roussillon: No! Annoying. I spit at danger.
  • Aveline: How can I help?
  • Roussillon: I am mapping the locations of their camps, so we can outsmart them and take back what they looted. There is just one remaining area that is a little...
  • Aveline: Annoying?
  • Roussillon: Exactly.
  • Aveline: Say no more. I will take care of it.
  • Roussillon: I'll show you where to start.

After scouting all the camps in the area, Aveline returned to Roussillon.

  • Roussillon: Excellent work! I don't suppose, you would be interested in eliminating a few of the camps for me, if I gave you the full map?
  • Aveline: I would do it for the people of San Danje.
  • Roussillon: As you wish. Any treasure you find, we can share--two thirds for me, one third for you.

Aveline jokingly brandished her machete.

  • Aveline: Oh really?
  • Roussillon: Very well, fifty-fifty, then!

Aveline swung her machete again.

  • Roussillon: Oh fine. You know I can not resist you. Keep it all. Go on. Go...


Having scouted the remaining camps, Aveline received Roussillon's map of the camps, allowing her to eliminate Baptiste's remaining followers and steal their treasure.


  • This memory, along with Bayou Fever and Secret Stash, were the only memories that could not be replayed once they had been finished.