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Manor Mysteries, Part 1 was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


On spotting his Mentor, Achilles Davenport, Connor approached the man and asked what was troubling him.


Connor walked up to Achilles, who was staring at an empty space above the fireplace.

  • Achilles: Connor. Come with me downstairs.
  • Connor: Should I search for something to fill that space?
  • Achilles: No rush. Eventually the right piece will present itself.
  • Connor: As you wish.
  • Achilles: There's a chest in a cave on the edge of the property, could you retrieve it for me? I would go myself but these old bones prevent me from getting to it. Take Norris with you; the cave entrance is blocked with heavy stone and will need to be cleared one way or another.

Connor left to speak with Norris.

  • Connor: Norris. I am going to fetch something for the old man and he told me there might be some stone that requires clearing.
ACIII-ManorP1 2

Connor and Norris clearing the cave's entrance

  • Norris: Yah? I will bring my explosifs (explosives).

Connor followed Norris to the cave entrance, carrying a keg of gunpowder for the miner.

  • Norris: Myriam is interesting.
  • Connor: Certainly not your typical colonial woman. A deadly shot.
  • Norris: She brought down that cougar! She is strong. Capable. She has no husband?
  • Connor: Not that I am aware of.
  • Norris: I never met a woman like her before. I would like to know her better.
  • Connor: You should speak to her then.
  • Norris: I might try. Hey! Don't splash, don't want to get the powder wet.
    Do you think she likes French men?

Norris and Connor found the cave entrance.

  • Connor: I see why he encouraged me to enlist your services.
  • Norris: Pas de probléme. (No problem.) We blow it up. Be my guest. Duck and cover.

Connor set down the barrel and shot it, blasting the cave entrance open.

  • Norris: Ha! That's a nice one!
  • Connor: Thank you.
  • Norris: Bienvenue. (You're welcome.) Doesn't look safe in there. Be careful. I'll be at the mine. What you said about Myriam is interesting...

Connor traversed the cave and retrieved the parcel from the chest, before he managed to make it out before the structure collapsed.

  • Connor: That was close.
ACIII-ManorP1 8

Achilles informing Connor about the robes' origin

Connor returned the parcel to Achilles.

  • Connor: I have what you asked for. But I must know– who put it there and for what purpose?
  • Achilles: I did. I put it somewhere I knew only I could reach, but that was a long time ago.
  • Connor: Who does THAT belong to?
  • Achilles: These were the robes of the first Assassin to come to the colonies.


Connor retrieved Achilles' original outfit from a cave on the grounds of the Davenport Homestead.



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