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Manhunt is an Animi training mode created by Abstergo Industries, included within the first and second stages of the Animi Training Program, as well as their entertainment branch's console stage of the Animus technology.

Each session lasts for ten minutes, separated into two rounds of five minutes, with two teams of three to four participants each. At the beginning of a session, individuals are either given a choice of joining either team, or assigned to one. Following this, one team is selected to hunt first, with the other team hiding, while the roles are reversed for the second round.



A defender blends to hide from a hunter

In the Animi Training Program, before the start of the session, each recruit decides which team they wish to join; team selection is disabled in the console stage of the Animus. Afterwards, one player picks the Animi Avatar, which all of their teammates will use alongside them.

From there, the hunting team must track down and kill their targets, co-ordinating together and using their abilities for the most efficiency. To counter this, the hunted team can hide in blend groups to accrue points, with a score that stacks higher for each team member hiding. The hunted can also use their abilities to disable and incapacitate their hunters, in order to attempt to stun them, which will temporarily halt the hunting participant from killing and earn the individual a Stun bonus.

Once the five minute timer depletes, the responsibilities reverse, with the hunters becoming the hunted and the hunted becoming the new hunters. At the end of the session, the team with the highest combined score wins.