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Mane and Tail was a virtual representation of one of Eivor Varinsdottir's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Eivor came across an arguing Rowan and Holger and a desperate Randvi.


Eivor heard yelling as she entered the longhouse.

  • Rowan: Push me any further, Holger, and I will make you eat that wretched hat of yours!
  • Holger: Do you not know fine millinery when you see it, Rowan? I could trade that hat for two of your horses.
  • Randvi: Silence, both of you!
  • Rowan: Randvi, I demand that this matter be settled here and now.
  • Randvi: Have patience, Rowan. There is a time and place for such disputes.

Eivor approached.

  • Eivor: Rowan, Holger. Why all this shouting?
  • Randvi: Eivor, thank Tyr.
  • Eivor: I heard shouting. Is something wrong?
  • Rowan: Holger robbed me! And I demand he be punished!
  • Holger: Ah! Robbed is a pointed word. Does the deer rob the stream when she takes a drink? Does a cow rob a field as it crops on sweet grass.

Randvi requesting Eivor to preside over the dispute

  • Randvi: Eivor , this matter require sensitive judgement. Will you...?

Eivor took a moment, looking at the throne, before sitting.

  • Eivor: Of course. From the beginning, please—

She was interrupted by Dag, who had been hanging around.

  • Dag: Well, now! There is no excuse too small, I see ... nothing to keep you from coveting that seat, is there?
  • Eivor: In Sigurd's absence, who has better claim to oversee these disputes?
  • Dag: You might leave them to work it out for themselves. But that would mean ... letting go, would it not?

Dag shrugged and left. Eivor took a deep breath before turning to the quarreling men.

  • Eivor: Please start again. Tell me all that has happened.
  • Holger: I will start. I have been falsely accused by this Saxon philistine!
  • Rowan: A filly what? Are you mocking me?
  • Eivor: Silence, please. I will hear both of your complaints and render a decision, awarding compensation if needed. Understood?

(If "Rowan, I'll hear from you." was chosen.)

  • Eivor: Rowan, tell me your version of these events.

Rowan presenting his side of the story

  • Rowan: Huh. As you are aware, Holger and I are neighbors. Near enough that I often catch him at my stables, stealing my tools.
  • Holger: Borrowing!
  • Eivor: Holger, let him speak.
  • Rowan: Stealing, borrowing ... my point being, I have always allowed him to use whatever he pleased. I greatly admire your Norse generosity and had hoped to match it. But this morning, Holger stretched the limits of my grace. Entering my stables for their feed, I found my most beautiful, gentle mare stripped of her tail! Bereft! Not a strand in sight! I am ashamed to say my natural suspicion drew me to Holger. And how right I was! For when I peered across the lane, there he was, gripping a horsetail brush slathered with indigo, dragging it across a sheet of—
  • Holger: Painting, Rowan! I was painting! You make it sound so crude.
  • Rowan: You see? Such willful arrogance! It will take ages for Aelfgifu's tail to reach its former length. I demand compensation!
  • Eivor: I understand. Thank you, Rowan.

(If "Holger, your defense?" was chosen.)

  • Eivor: Holger. Let me hear your side.

Holger presenting his side of the story

  • Holger: Eivor, you have known me as a skald for years. You have seen how my poems bring life and joy and wisdom to our people. And you know that my work requires a certain, let us say, freedom ... to make use of rare resources to compose my verses. Often, when lacking the proper tools, I have made use of novel items. Alvis's walking stick. Tove's inks. All were given gladly.
  • Rowan: You cut off my horse's tail to make a brush, you bleedin'—
  • Eivor: Rowan.
  • Holger: As I was saying, this morning, in the throes of a poetic reverie, I realized that my latest piece required delicate brushwork. I could have used a frayed stick, some cloth, my hands, but no ... I needed something gentler, softer. To make a perfect brush, I needed the fine hairs of a well-raised horse. And so I availed myself of a local resource..
  • Rowan: You clipped Aelfgifu's tail to the rump! Without asking!
  • Holger: It was early, I did not wish to wake you.
  • Eivor: Thank you, Holger. I believe I understand your position.

(If "I've heard enough." was chosen.)

  • Eivor: I believe I have heard enough. If you will—
  • Rowan: My horse looks like a fool, Eivor! No handsomer than a donkey now. You must do something.
  • Holger: Do not conflate hair with beauty, Rowan. She remains radiant. Aelfgifu's hair will grow back in no time.
  • Eivor: Quiet, both of you. Now listen...

  • Eivor: Rowan. However daft his approach, Holger meant you no harm and lost you no coin. The horse's hair will grow back.
  • Holger: But—
  • Eivor: And you, Holger ... your habit of borrowing without asking ends today. Apologize to Rowan and greet as friends.
  • Rowan: This had best be a very good apology.
  • Holger: It will be! Ahem— To you, O man of horses, I do offer my utmost apologies. And to Aelfgifu, most elegant of mares, I dedicate my finished work. You are, respectively, a king of men and a queen of horses, and I exalt you. I ... am ... sorry.
  • Rowan: Hmff.
  • Eivor: Rowan, does this satisfy you?
  • Rowan: As much as it can. I accept the apology.
  • Eivor: Good. Then by Tyr's blessing, let this matter rest. We are done here.

She rose from her seat.

  • Eivor: Return to your homes in peace.

The two men bowed.

  • Holger: I will return your tools and offer you one of my paintings as a sign of good will.
  • Rowan: Hmph. Unless your paintings can regrow horse tails, I have no use for them.

  • Eivor: Holger. Rowan is clearly in the right. You sheared the tail from his horse without gaining permission.
  • Holger: I borrowed the tail! Borrowed! Does the reality of regrowth not make this a victimless crime?
  • Eivor: It is a two-victim crime, Holger. Though they are unharmed, you took without asking and that will not do. As the horse's value has diminished significantly, you will pay Rowan its market price.
  • Holger: But the horse was not for sale! Rowan, admit it!
  • Eivor: My decision is final, Holger. Pay what you owe and meet tomorrow as friends.
  • Holger: And if I do, may I keep the horse?
  • Eivor: Pay the man and be done with it. Rowan, does this satisfy you?
  • Rowan: It does. Thank you, Eivor.
  • Eivor: Good. Then by Tyr's blessing, let this matter rest. We are done here.
  • She rose from her seat.

    • Eivor: Return to your homes in peace.

    The two men bowed.

    • Holger: Would you allow me to pay you with a vibrant painting? After all, in some ways, you helped in its creation.
    • Rowan: Absolutely not. Silver is the only color I wish to see from you.

    Eivor continued on to speak to Randvi.

    • Randvi: That Holger, he is quite a character.
    • Eivor: I almost envy him. To see the world through such a muddy glass and live with such petty concerns. He hasn't a care in the world.
    • Randvi: Let's not walk too far with that idea. I need you right where you are.


    Eivor settled the dispute between Rowan and Holger.



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