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Emperor Manco

Manco Inca Yupanqui (1516 – 1544) was the founder of the Neo-Inca State, which he ruled from 1533 to his death. Formerly thought to be a puppet of the Spanish Empire, Manco revolted against the Spanish and in 1536 was besieging the Spanish-occupied Cuzco.

That same year the chasqui Quila discovered an assassination plot orchestrated by Francisco Pizarro against the Emperor, and unsuccessfully tried to warn him. With the help of an Assassin, Gonzalo Pardo, Quila discovered the identity of the traitor among the Inca: her former father-in-law, the high ranking official Tuti Cusi. Pardo, Quila and her former husband, Ayar, eventually saved Manco, stopping the attempt during Inti Raymi ceremonies and unveiling Tuti Cusi's alliance with the Spanish. Grateful, Manco then promoted Quila as his personal messenger and asked his men to bow to her.



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