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Man of Mettle was a visual representation of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories from an Apple of Eden-induced reality.[1]


After having captured Benjamin Franklin, Ratonhnhaké:ton returned with the man to Samuel Adams.


As Ratonhnhaké:ton entered the safehouse with George Washington's former lieutenant, he watched as Kanen'tó:kon tossed several papers into a fire and Samuel Adams studied a map on a table. From there, Ratonhnhaké:ton shoved Franklin forward.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: Mr. Adams. I have a prisoner.

Adams turned around and after his initial shock, pointed at Franklin.

  • Adams: Franklin! You bastard! Take him out, have him shot!

Kanen'tó:kon moved behind Franklin and held a knife to his throat.

  • Franklin: No, no, Sam! I've come to my senses! I want to help!
Man of Mettle 2

Adams speaking to Franklin

Adams closed the distance between them and leaned in close to Franklin's face.

  • Adams: What of the murder of my cousin John? The families of Dorchester? What about the Old North Church that you burned with everyone inside?
  • Franklin: All horrible.
  • Adams: Do as I said.

Adams waved his hand and turned to walk away as Kanen'tó:kon began to drag Franklin towards the exit. However, Ratonhnhaké:ton raised a hand in protest and strode over to Adams' side.

  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: No. I believe he will help us. The only way to end this is to get to Washington. And Franklin knows Washington well.

Franklin began to speak and they turned to face him.

  • Franklin: We've just learned that he is in New York.
Man of Mettle 5

Adams and Kanen'tó:kon discussing their escape from Boston

Adams turned back to the map on the table and Kanen'tó:kon released Franklin, before Adams addressed Ratonhnhaké:ton and began to relate his thoughts to him. Meanwhile, Kanen'tó:kon stepped away from Franklin and sheathed his knife, to which Franklin rubbed his neck.

  • Adams: But if we could join Jefferson's rebels in Manhattan, we could attack the King together. But how am I to escape the stranglehold around Boston? The docks are overrun with soldiers.
  • Kanen'tó:kon: Putnam is gone and the Captain at Boston Neck is secretly sympathetic to us. I am sure he will help us if he thinks he can get away with it.
  • Adams: Looks like he must help us in such a way that he will not be caught... Perhaps he can triple the soldiers' rum ration. That way, we can catch them drunk at Boston Neck and break through.

Adams turned to face Franklin as he interrupted.

  • Franklin: And once in New York, I can be of particular help!

Adams walked to the other side of the table while waving a hand in dismissal.

  • Adams: I don't want to hear it.

Franklin continued speaking anyways, making his way to the table and stood across from Adams.

  • Franklin: I created a very special means of protection for Washington's palace. An attack there would be completely unexpected.
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: You can get me past these protections?
Man of Mettle 6

Franklin telling Ratonhnhaké:ton about the blacksmith

Franklin turned to address Ratonhnhaké:ton.

  • Franklin: You will need a metal of a specific weight. There's a blacksmith in town, loyal to me, he'll help you.
  • Adams: This is absurd.
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: I will get Franklin's metal and we will catch up with you.
  • Adams: This is a fool's errand, my friend, but I hope to see you in New York.

Ratonhnhaké:ton nodded to Franklin in the direction of the exit and the two departed. Ratonhnhaké:ton then set off in search of the blacksmith, eventually finding him trying to reshape a pair of tongs. As Ratonhnhaké:ton approached the blacksmith, who turned out to be David Walston, he briefly looked up from his work.

  • David: What can I do for you, Mister?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: Benjamin Franklin has sent me. He asks something of you.
Man of Mettle 7

Ratonhnhaké:ton speaking to David

  • David: Franklin?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: He tells me you have an unusual metal. He would like you to give that to me.
  • David: Well, thing about that is...
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: The metal, please.
  • David: Fella came along the other day wanted his horse shod. Times bein' what they are, I was clean out a' iron. Man's got a right to feed his children, don't he? Sorry, mister.
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: You used it for horse shoes?
  • David: Hi. Looked good, too. Real good. Feller rode away looking fine. Works in the citadel, that one.
Man of Mettle 12

Ratonhnhaké:ton returning with the horse

David pointed in a direction over Ratonhnhaké:ton's shoulder with his hammer. As he went back to work, Ratonhnhaké:ton set off in the indicated direction. Eventually, Ratonhnhaké:ton arrived at Fort Hill and discreetly stole the horse amidst guard dogs and sentries. Following this, he escaped through the gates, only to be shot by a firing squad. As he fell from the horse, it ran away, forcing Ratonhnhaké:ton to chase it until it calmed down. Eventually, Ratonhnhaké:ton made his way to Franklin who had been stoking a fire to melt the metal.

  • Franklin: Oh, it's hot in there! I stoked the brick oven. I've got to get the heat extremely high in order to melt the metal. Did you get it?
  • Ratonhnhaké:ton: I hope you have a crowbar.
  • Franklin: What for?

Ratonhnhaké:ton nodded towards the horse behind him.


Adams, Kanen'tó:kon, Franklin, and Ratonhnhaké:ton formulated a plan to escape from Boston and attack Washington in New York. Ratonhnhaké:ton then retrieved a metal for Franklin that would allow him to bypass Washington's palace defenses.



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