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Malcolm Millner (1833 – 1868) was a British businessman active in the 19th century and owner of the Millner Company, as well as a member of the British Rite of the Templar Order.


Early life

As the first born child of five, his parents, a carpenter and a housemaker in Southwark expected great things from Malcolm Millner. As his siblings grew up to become bank clerks, crewman and teachers, with the dyslexic Malcolm accomplishing nothing, his parents grew disappointed in him. Due to the pressure, he lashed out violently at school and eventually left home.[1]

By 1864, he was known as the owner of the Millner Company which the Templars bought in 1867. He was investigated for arson, assault and murder due to his plans sabotaging his competitors. These accusations stopped however thanks to Grand Master Crawford Starrick.[1]

Working for the Templars

As Starrick's puppet, Millner made sure that Starrick's fierce competitor, Attaway Transport, owned by Pearl Attaway, was blocked of business. Millner often sent his workers to damage Attaway's omnibuses.[2]

In 1868, the Assassin Jacob Frye, who formed an alliance with Pearl Attaway, infiltrated his storage yard and destroyed Millner's omnibuses. This caused Millner's business and profit to decline quickly. His misfortune was further added by Jacob and Attaway's exploits to secure his internal combustion engine for themselves. He then fled to the River Thames, occupied with his ferry, the only business he had left.[2]

The unsatisfied Attaway ordered Jacob to end Millner's life, ending his business permanently. At the Thames harbor, Jacob infiltrated Millner's contraband and sabotaged his goods. Once that was done, Jacob moved in and assassinated Millner. As he died, he revealed to Jacob that Attaway and Starrick were cousins and allies, and regretted getting himself involved in Starrick's businesses.[2]


  • Millner's database image depicts him to be bald, while in-game, Millner has a full head of hair.




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