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Maharet was an Egyptian woman who lived in Sais, Egypt during the 1st century BCE.


The daughter of Ghupa, Maharet was the wife of Taharqa, the grand planner of Sais, bearing him a son named Kawab. Together, they lived in a villa in Sais. As Taharqa was also the steward of Letopolis, he was often at work in the city, leaving Maharet to take care of the family. Unbeknownst to Maharet, Taharqa was a member of Order of the Ancients, an ancient order which sought power and control over all of Egypt.[1]

Origins Quest10TheScarab'sSting Part05

Ghupa, Maharet, Kawab and Bayek at the formers' home

In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa carried heavily beaten Ghupa back to his home in Sais, and Maharet tended to his injuries. When Bayek read a parchment Ghupa gave him, mentioning Letopolis, Maharet remarked that her husband Taharqa worked there, believing that he would be able to help Bayek search for the Scarab.[2]

Sometime later, Maharet and the rest of the family joined Taharqa and Bayek in Letopolis, sharing a family dinner with the Medjay. When Bayek fainted and was taken away after drinking a cup of wine, Maharet and the rest of the family, with the exception of Taharqa, remained unaware that Bayek's drink had been poisoned, causing him to lose conscious.[3]

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Maharet having dinner with her family and Bayek

The next day, Maharet, Kawab, and Ghupa went to the Temple of Horus, finding there Taharqa and Bayek, the former slain by the latter. Enraged, Maharet exclaimed that the Medjay had brought blood and death to her family. However, Bayek revealed that Taharqa had been the Scarab that had controlled the region and was responsible for Ghupa's torture. Maharet turned to Ghupa, who nodded in confirmation that what Bayek said was true.[3]


  • When Bayek meets Maharet for the first time, a glitch may occur that removes Maharet's voice, though appearing the other times.



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