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Magas was an Egyptian Hidden One that who lived during the 1st century BCE.


Born some time during the first century, Magas was eventually inducted into the Egyptian chapter of the Hidden Ones based in Alexandria. In 30 BCE, while still an acolyte, he attended the Hidden Ones' final synod presided over by Amunet. Seeking clarification on the Creed's ironies, he asked Amunet a number of questions prompting an open discussion about the Creed in front of all assembled.[1] After his questions were answered, the meeting resolved when Amunet declared that the Hidden Ones were to formally retreat into the shadows to continue their mission.[2]

While another member of the Hidden Ones was thinking over the synod in the gardens outside the tomb of Alexander the Great, Magas approached[2] and revealed that the secretive unnamed woman who they had just listened to was none other than Amunet, who was rumored among the younger initiates to have killed both Cleopatra and Julius Caesar.[3] This fellow acolyte would record both the synod and this meeting in a document that would be known as the Magas Codex.[4]



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