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Madonna Solari (died 1500) was the Madame of the Rosa in Fiore brothel in Rome, and the sister to Santino.


Madame of Roma[]

"Madonna Solari pushes us to mingle. Flirt. Romance. Seduce. Whatever necessary."
―Fiora Cavazza describing her Madame, 1497.[src]

As the owner of the popular Rosa in Fiore, Madonna Solari encouraged her courtesans to do "whatever necessary" in order to gain their visitors' patronage. Despite playing host to many customers, the brothel itself was not in good shape, and as Fiora Cavazza once described, "Filth can be hidden by shadows. Foul smells masked by stronger scents, mostly imported. Disease is... difficult."[1]

Solari would also quickly dismiss any of her girls who showed symptoms of disease, but as they entertained many clients from several foreign lands, they were fighting a losing battle. At one point, Madonna Solari and her brother attempted to delve into slave trade as well; however, this angered Cesare Borgia, who saw this as "dabbling in trades where they [were] unwelcome." In exchange for their lives, she and Santino allowed Cesare to take one of their courtesans as his own, to which he chose Fiora Cavazza.[1]


"We have girls working for us in a brothel frequented by the cardinals and other important Romans, but the Madame there is lazy and would rather attend parties than further our cause."
―Niccolò Machiavelli to Ezio Auditore, 1500[src]-[m]

For a time, Madonna Solari aided the Assassins in their fight against the Borgia, but soon became lazy, taking preference to attending parties instead. She also began taking bribes from Templar priests and clergymen to divulge information about the Assassins.[2]

Negotiations 4

Madonna Solari's death

In 1500, Cento Occhi slave traders captured Madonna Solari under the order of Cesare Borgia, who promised to release her for 2,500 florins.[3] Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who had recently arrived in Rome,[4] gathered the money and went to the slave traders' ship. However, the slave traders did not keep their promise and slit Madonna Solari's throat instead. When Ezio returned with news of Solari's death, his sister Claudia and their mother Maria then took over ownership of Rosa in Fiore.[3]


  • Similar to her brother, Madonna Solari's character model was randomly generated, though she would always be shown as a courtesan.
  • Her surname, Solari, is a family name derived from Latin word solarium, literally "a place in the sun". Madonna is an Italian honorific, meaning 'my lady'.