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A Machete

A machete is a broad blade designed as a hacking tool which can double as a short, combat weapon. Its primary function is to cut through dense foliage or for use in other hard labor environments.

Accordingly, the machete is a common implement in tropical regions, such as the Caribbean where it served as the signature weapon of the Maroons, escaped slaves who rebelled against the European colonial class.


With the rise of the profitable sugar-cane industry in the Caribbean and coastal colonies such as Louisiana, machetes became widely used on sugar plantations throughout the region, and as such were easily acquired by both Adéwalé[1] and Aveline de Grandpré in areas where slavery was prominent.[2]

Adéwalé found his first machete shortly after washing ashore in Port-au-Prince, Saint Domingue, and promptly used it to cut down an overseer chasing after an escaped slave.[3] Throughout his travels, Adéwalé would eventually come to own a number of machetes, varying in lethal capability and appearance, which he used frequently in combat. These blades were larger and broader than a normal machete, making them ideal for attacking overseers and French soldiers alike, and were stored in a sling across Adéwalé's back when not in use.[1]

In the French territory of Louisiana, Aveline would occasionally use a specialized sugar-cane machete in combat. This wider, heavier weapon could be displayed openly while Aveline was in her slave disguise without arousing any suspicion. A longer, more streamlined machete was also available for purchase at any general store in New Orleans.[2]


18th century Caribbean

Name Speed Combo Damage Cost Availability
Rusty Machete 2 2 2 N/A Complete A Common Enemy
Steel-forged Machete 3 4 3 N/A Liberate 300 slaves
Crude Iron Machete 5 3 3 N/A Explore the Caribbean sea
Mayan Machete 5 5 5 N/A Explore the Caribbean sea

Mobile Animus 4.38

Name Tier Damage Speed Miss Chance Modifiers Requirements
Liberator ★★★★★ 2.5k-2.6k 1.00 5% +170 Defense
+50 Health
+10% Critical Chance
+10% Critical Bonus
+10% Dodge
+45 Lethality
+25 Dexterity
+30 Agility
300,000 Coins
250 Damascus Steel
50 Fine Silk
1 Ancient Tablet

18th century French Colonial America

Name Damage Speed Combo-kill Chain-kill Cost Persona
Sugarcane Machete 1 3 4 2 N/A Assassin, Slave
Machete 3 2 3 3 8,320 écu Assassin



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