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"Listen, I don't ask questions. I just follow orders."

Machaon the Feared (died c. 420s BCE) was a member of the Silver Vein branch of the Cult of Kosmos during the Peloponnesian War.


A shipwright, Machaon made the shipyard in Patrai, Achaia, his base. There he managed the ship orders of Sparta, Athens, the members of the Cult of Kosmos and whoever else required them.[1]

Before that, however, Machaon sacrificed his wealth for Kosmos. Since that didn't seem to work, Machaon sacrificed his only child, and then his servants. That didn't yield what Machaon desired, so he decided to sacrifice all the Greek world to the deity, sharing his Sage's warmongering desires.[2]

At some point Klitos, one of Machaon's dockhands, stole documents from his office, and ran off. Warned by the Sage of his branch to take care of the man before he had time to spread what he knew, Machaon contacted another member, the Silver Griffin, for aid.[2]

Meanwhile, Machaon continued to work on the ships, providing The Mytilenian Shark of the Gods of the Aegean Sea with the heavy trireme Eurybia, and Sotera of the Eyes of Kosmos merchant ships to surveil the Isle of Salamis and Port of Piraeus. Machaon also provided his fellow member The Chimera black-sailed biremes.[2]

Following the death of Klitos, the Spartan misthios Kassandra learned of the identity of Machaon and his location. He was subsequently sought out and slain by her.[2]




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