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M1877 Thunderer

Crawford Starrick's M1877 "Thunderer"

The M1877 "Thunderer" is a 19th century revolver and a sister to the inferior M1877 "Lightning". A "Thunderer" fashioned out of gold and silver was notably owned by Grand Master Crawford Starrick of the British Rite of the Templar Order during the Victorian era. Another similar but distinct gold and silver "Thunderer" also fell into the hands of the Assassin twins Evie and Jacob Frye in 1868 during their campaign against Starrick.


ACS M1877 Thunderer

Jacob and Evie Frye's M1877 "Thunderer"

The M1877 "Thunderer", carrying a larger caliber than that of the M1877 "Lightning", is an improvement to its sister firearm. While the "Lightning" was already a decent revolver, surpassing the Single Action Army in terms of firepower, rate-of-fire, and accuracy, the "Thunderer" in turn proved to be the superior handgun to either two in all these areas.[1]

"Thunderers" could be richly decorated. One in particular, in the hands of the Templars, was crafted from a silver frame with gold floral patterns lining its entire profile, giving it an elegant if extravagant appearance. Gold was the trigger and striker, and its black, polymer grip was adorned with not just a golden Templar cross but bird wings consisting of golden converts and silver flight feathers. The Assassins in the same period obtained a similar gold and silver Thunderer that was simpler in its decorations with a solid golden revolving cylinder and a plain silver grip.[1]


ACS End of the Line 7

Crawford Starrick firing his "Thunderer" at his own henchman

During his reign over London, the Templar Grand Master Crawford Starrick of the British Rite personally owned the aforementioned Templar "Thunderer". In 1868, while mourning the death of his cousin and fellow Templar Pearl Attaway, Starrick impulsively shot and killed one of his servants with his "Thunderer" for entering his chamber uninvited. That same year, after the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye freed the City of London from Starrick's control, they managed to acquire a gold and silver "Thunderer" of their own.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Speed Quickshot accuracy Clip size
7 6 8 9 6
Subtlety be damned. The Thunderer is a beautiful monster in silver and gold.

Behind the scenes

In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the M1877 "Thunderer" is anachronistic because it was first manufactured in 1877 as indicated by its model year, and the main game is set in 1868. Curiously enough, even though the Bergmann 1896, another gun from the game, is renamed the Self-Loading Pistol Model 1868 in an attempt to rectify its own anachronism, the same was not done for the M1877 "Thunderer" and "Lightning".



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